Engagement Photoshoot Of Clieve And Steffi

Love is something precise and pure, something that you just to find in that one distinctive person. Clive’s and Steffi’s stylish engagement in Bangalore was joyous. We loved how the place was made beautifully, how the outdoor were used to create a larger-than-life set. They walked into Love deciding upon to take every step alongside the best way, keeping hands, standing together and going through the arena, most significantly forming a circle of compassion that gathers within the household. May your bond keep the flame within the lamp of existence burning. Therefore , Weva wishes the lovely couple with all joys in the world. Hence congratulations Clive And Steffi – Engagement Photography Bangalore.

Banglore Engagement Photography1

Banglore Engagement Photography

Banglore Engagement Photography3

Banglore Engagement Photography2

Banglore Engagement Photography5

Banglore Engagement Photography4

Banglore Engagement Photography6

Banglore Engagement Photography8

Banglore Engagement Photography7

Banglore Engagement Photography9

Couple             : Clive And Steffi
Location          : Bangalore
Composition   : Team Weva
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