Are you trying to dig deeper into the world of viral bridal entries in 2021? Are you
planning something big for your own bridal entry? Would you like to know how the
bridal entry is carried out in different traditions? We have got some news for you!!
We have formed a precious set of famous bridal entries in South India to learn
from if you are a confused bride-to-be.

The curation we have presented here provides a basic overview of the type of bridal
entries we see often. As professional wedding photographers in Kerala, we have
witnessed countless bridal entries that truly fascinated us. Hence, we have taken great
care in handpicking the most insightful snapshots to introduce you to the ritual. Also,
we would like to update you with a hint of the latest bridal entry trends and
ideas that couples follow to make their entries unforgettable! Without further ado,
let’s jump straight into the first hot topic of the guide!

1) Traditional South Indian Hindu Weddings

The traditional Style

A decade ago, traditional Hindu brides were accompanied by their aunts, mothers and
close cousins with Thaalis (a plate filled with auspicious pooja essentials). Clearly,
the bridal entries of today have seen revolutionary changes. The star of these trending
Dulhan entry in the wedding is the ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ or a floral frame with 4 legs
decorated with fresh flowers only.

Embracing the Change

To point out, weddings of all religions have solely embraced the hit bride entry with
flowers. Earlier, it was mostly seen in Islamic and North Indian Hindu weddings. As
of updated 2022 Hindu wedding trends, the traditional Hindu brides are accompanied
by their cousin brothers and/or own brothers who hold the 4 legs of the floral frame
above the bride. Ahead of this group walks the bride’s mother with a grand Thaali
consisting of Pooja essentials.

The Changes

The coolest bride entry with the brothers is joined by the bride’s aunt who holds a
grand lighted lamp as per traditional Hindu culture. The bride may be surrounded by a
group of dancers or entertainers who perform traditional musical instruments. Contrasting
to the ancient traditions, the bride’s aunt is replaced by her father for
walking her to the wedding Mandapa. As per the difference in regions, the details of
these rituals may vary.

Elements to Add Some Spice!

But, the core elements we have explained here remain the same for most of the states
including Kerala and Tamil Nadu. As per the hot Bollywood wedding trends 2021
we have observed, the bridal entry is spiced up with graceful Indian live music or
records. In a nutshell, we find traditional Hindu bridal entries of South India truly
divine and serene!

2) Christian Wedding Customs

The Classic Style

As of popular bride entrances in Western Christian wedding traditions, Christian
brides are walked down by the aisle by their fathers. Certainly, the little flower girls
and boys are the best part of these rituals. Initially, children of the families make the
appearance on the aisle, showering flowers that signal the bride’s entry. And, then
comes the bridesmaids who would also help guide the children. Followed by which, the bride
will be walked down the aisle by her dear father.

Traditions with a Sweet Twist

The long veil or train of the wedding gown would be held by a couple of bridesmaids
who would assist the bride with her outfit. As we have discussed above, the ‘phoolon
ki chadar’ is quite a trend now. We have also seen some of the best wedding bride
entrances Kerala in Christian weddings and engagement bashes where the bride
walks with her crew who hold the ‘chadar’. Here in the photo, the frame is held by the
respected elder men in the bride’s family who have a close bond with her.

famous bridal entries in South India

The Minimal Style

As compared to the grand floral decor we have seen on the Chadar in traditional
Hindu weddings, here the frame is quite minimal and effortless. The floral
arrangement would only consist of a couple of pastel or monochromatic floral
varieties. Most importantly, Christian flower entries for brides of this kind are not
seen in the Church ceremonies. Evidently, the intimate ceremonies that are held in
luxe bouquet halls or outdoors are the times when we get to witness such gorgeous

3) Bridal Entry With a View

Weddings Of Difference

Destination weddings have hit the charts continuously for the past one decade! Instead
of organizing a truly traditional ceremony held at holy premises, couples often jump
towards casual private events. From bridal entries to post-wedding bashes, the events
always tend to have an element of drama in them with the top Bollywood wedding
entrance songs!

Trends of 2021

Let’s consider the gorgeous bridal entry snapshot we have showcased right here. Riverview
resorts and boutique hotels often have the provision of direct access to the waterbody.
Clearly, it can be of great use for planning such a rare and unique entry of bride and
groom 2021. Here, the bride and her squad arrive in a houseboat or a smaller version of the same!

More Ideas!

In case of no lakefronts or accessible water bodies, the couple tends to lean towards
the ginormous swimming pools (if any present) for their coolest bride entry ideas
2022. To point out, any decorated medium that is suitable for this special event can be
used in pools or inbuilt waterbodies. It not only adds a wow factor to the wedding
documentation but also provides top bride entrance wedding photos.

4) Bridal Entries at Engagement-Parties

The Pre-Wedding Style

Dulhan entry in the wedding

reception entrances of brides

The Kerala Christian engagement or fixation bashes that are held in a relaxed
atmosphere also celebrate a notable bridal entry. Here the floral frame is carried by
cousins or own brothers and sisters as discussed above. Added to that, we have also
documented celebrations where the bride is accompanied by her mother or sister.

Peppy & Merry

Lit wedding reception entrances of brides like these never fail to move our hearts
with a joyous burst of emotions. Though it’s not the actual d-day, the engagement or
fixation ceremonies have a much more peppy and merry entrance vibe. The chadar or
the umbrella designs for bride entry would be decorated with an overwhelming
amount of flowers and sparkles.

Day time Vs Night time

To point out, we have been noticing the phoolon ka chadar trend 2021 mostly at
daytime events than night bashes. For night wedding reception entry for brides
2022, elements like bursting crackers, flower showers and party poppers steal the
show. Certainly, the bride and her bridesmaids will be following these festivities that
alert the guests and the groom’s party about the much-awaited bridal entry!

5) The Muslim Bridal Entry Styles

The Islamic Traditions

According to Islamic traditions, the bride need not be present at the wedding stage
where the pivotal ceremonies take place. Hence the bridal entry actually happens once
the crucial wedding rituals are concluded on stage. Evidently, the entry takes place
right before the photo-sessions and greeting of the families begin. As noticed from
2020 Muslim bridal entry trends, the phoolon ki chadar remains the main element.

The Bride Tribe

The bride and her squad are followed by the women in her family. In events where the
chadar is not present, the bride is sometimes accompanied by her mother and her
close women relatives. At times, these roles are led by the little children of the bride’s
family who would hold the bride’s hands and surround her till the wedding stage. Live
music or records will be played as the team enters the venue.

The Dupatta Frame

Dating back to a bunch of decades, the brides used to arrive in palanquins and similar
ways as per the royal bride entry traditions. And, the chadar we see often in Islamic
weddings is formed by tying a luxe cloth piece on the 4 legs instead of the floral decor.
Also, instead of holding a pre-made chadar with legs, the bride’s crew sometimes
directly holds the cloth or dupatta. The 4 ends of the dupatta are directly held by
hands stretching it lengthwise to form a good cover.

We hope that you had a great time brushing through the variety of bridal entries we
have witnessed over the past years. We have curated this piece with the basic set of
bridal entries that happens all over India. From grand entries to minimal traditional
styles, documenting this part of the wedding never fails us to get excited.

Capturing professional shots is fun-filled as it is becoming more and more aesthetic
over time. The ritual that once used to be a brief and simple one has turned out to be a
blast with funky music, especially when it comes to South India.

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