Traditional Hindu weddings of India are filled with charming, unique celebratory
rituals with a lavish splurge of warm colors. Extending to each and every part of the
country, Hindu wedding traditions and the trending Hindu traditional wedding
colors 2020 never fail to amaze us. From bridal entry to Kanyadaan, every pivotal
ritual has our hearts with its emotional moments and interesting story behind it. From
extensive traditional Tamil Hindu weddings to simple Kerala Hindu Nair
weddings, it’s a real treat for the eyes.
Different sectors of the nation proudly represent divergent traditional wedding attires
for brides and grooms. Not to mention, the special delicacies of the day are irresistibly
mouth-watering. We would love to walk you through some precious memories that
we still cherish from the traditional Hindu weddings captured by our best candid
Hindu wedding photographers. Brace yourself for a lovely Hindu wedding
highlight 2020-21 drenched in rich vibrant palettes. Let’s jump right into the
heartwarming visual highlights of traditional Hindu weddings by professional Hindu
wedding photographers.

1) Getting Ready

Getting ready shots are equally important for both the brides and grooms as it marks
the exciting beginning of their traditional Hindu wedding photoshoot as a whole.
Evidently, vanity shots are so much fun to capture completely obliging to the comfort
and views of the bride and groom. The tiny little highlights of prepping for the crucial
ceremonial events while pieced together make a perfect timeline of the events. Added
to the candids and portraits, flatlays and individual aesthetically planned shots of the
wedding attires also play important roles.
All the bits and moments a wedding photographer enjoys while covering this very
first part of the wedding day is something very thrilling and exciting. For those brides
and grooms who feel uncomfortable while capturing the & getting ready shots, the
photographer can plan and execute some semi-candid shots recreating the finished

2) Traditional Hindu Bridal Entry

As compared to traditional Christian weddings, traditional Hindu brides are
accompanied by just bridesmaids and other close relatives to the stage instead of
parents. Clearly, traditional Hindu bridal entry photography is one of the most-
awaited parts of the wedding photography where the bride joins the groom at the
stage. The bridal entries are nowadays spiced up with litter or palanquin ( a wheel-less
vehicle used in early ages), flower frame, flower umbrellas etc.

Coorg Wedding Bride Entry

The bride will be carrying pooja essentials as per the respective rituals. Undoubtedly,
low-angle photos are amazing for documenting this particular part where the
photographer can capture the processional photos with a wide view. Photographing
the bride beaming with joy under a flower frame makes brilliant aesthetic shots where
one can also capture the near and dear family who is accompanying the bride at the

3) The Magalsutra Moment

7 steps Hindu wedding ritual

7 steps Hindu wedding ritual or the Phere ritual (taking rounds around the sacred
fire lit by the priest), Kanyadaan and tying Mangalsutra (a sacred necklace to be worn
only by married women) are the most important and popular Hindu wedding
ceremony rituals. It is a very special experience to witness and document these
ceremonies as it marks the couple being married as per the traditional beliefs. Hence,
there will be happy tears, overwhelming emotional rollercoasters and moments of
connecting with one’s parents.

The ‘Kanyadaan ritual’ is where the bride’s father performs ‘giving away of his dear
daughter’ to the groom followed by blessing them for a long happy married life. As
the ceremonies are performed by sitting on the floor, low-angle and straight shots are
very useful to capture the raw emotions and detailed view of the rituals being
performed under the guidance of a priest.
Definitely, close-up shots are extremely important while the groom places the Sindoor
(a red powdery substance) on the bride’s central spot of the hairline. Added to
focusing on candids focusing both the bride and groom, capturing zoomed-in shots of

the bride is equally important. Because, as per the customs, the bride is being given
away to the groom's family which inturn is a very important moment. The
photographer should make an effort to explore different angles of traditional Hindu
wedding ceremony photography to obtain fresh angles with the best view and

4) Celebrating Unique Hindu Rituals

Along with the rituals we saw above, there are some other following rituals that are
performed after tying the knot. Most importantly, the bride and the groom enjoy these
rituals with a much relaxed and merry mind as the difficult Kanyadaan moments have
passed already. These rituals are more fun-filled and joyful as compared to the tense
and anxiety-ridden pivotal ceremonies as seen on most weddings. Hence, the top
traditional Hindu wedding photographers never forget to attempt unexpected or
surprising frames with a rather happy, jolly vibe.

The brides often tend to have more poojas and eventful rituals than the grooms.
Thereby, it’s essential to be always cautious with the cameras ready for capturing
priceless and invaluable moments especially candids which should never be slipped
through. Flower and holy grain shower are so much fun to photograph as it gives
more life and energy to the portraits which are taken during the main events.

5) Groom’s Portraits with a Classic Touch

While there are tons of posing ideas for achieving the best Hindu wedding bride
photos, the groom’s portraits still remain unexplored to its full potential. Essentially
because the bridal portraits always tend to steal the attention due to the charm and
elegance as it always spirals in top traditional Hindu wedding photography. There
are a variety of options one can tryout for bagging some catchy portraits. Tuning in
the outfit and grooming session candids are super interesting ones.

Groom Posing Ideas
Also, minimal yet classic sit-down poses and leaning on the wall poses never go off
the trends. A straight shot with a light mellow feel always channels the dashing
elements and energy of the groom. But, one must also knock upon brand new angles
and camera levels while shooting for the groom wearing the best Hindu traditional
wedding dress for men.

6) Bridal Portraits Drenched in Grace

Traditional Hindu brides are epitome of pure elegance with traditional Hindu saree
look for weddings. From minimal posing ideas for camera-shy brides to experimental
quirky poses for brides who love the camera, there are unlimited options for acing the
best Hindu bridal photoshoot. While focusing on the gorgeous ethnic wear details,
the photographer should never miss out on imbibing the grace and charisma of
traditional Hindu brides.

Hindu Wedding Bride

For that, one should be always ready to click the unexpected smile curves and
gestures of love from the bride while enjoying each and every part of the whole event.
Rather than pre-planned portraits and semi-candids pulled off with the guidance of the
photographer, sudden and surprising candid shots always turn out to be the gems of
the bridal portraits covered all throughout the event.

7) Together We are One Family


A group portrait session with the closest family members always helps in relieving the
tiredness and stress of the couple at the end of their important day. No matter how
tense our couples are, they always feel at ease while they are around their loved ones.
A tight group hug, a silly prank or even a standard pose for family portraits can bring
a powerful ring of positive energy around. And, it is strong enough to heal all the
worries and challenges the couples are facing on their big day.

Hindu Wedding Family Portrait

Family portraits play a huge part in composing the final output with a cheerful vibe.
Also, as photographers, we should always make sure of the comfort of all the
members. Other than that, it’s very important for the people to be in their natural self
‘as a family’ no matter how goofy or reserved they are as an individual. It inturn
delivers the best heart-touching output for cherishing lifelong.

8) Portraits of Raw Expressions & Real Connections

Couple portraits are attempted with a variety of viewpoints and thoughts by the
wedding photographers. But, as a photographer, have you ever thought of the
significance of capturing wedding portraits that establish a real connection between
the couple? Moreover, wedding portraits that shout emotional connection always
remain eternally illuminated in the memory of almost all the couples.

As compared to clicking standard poses that lose a tad bit of momentum and life,
pulling off portraits that really flourish each others strong bond through meaningful
gestures and eye contact can be quite challenging.
Guiding the couple, paired with boosting their confidence often helps with the
process. Clearly, the individual comfort and willingness to pose should be checked off
by the photographer as the first and foremost step. These portraits are to be tried out
for traditional as well as modern weddings irrespective of any other factor.

Temple Wedding

9) Portraits with an Editorial Touch

As we have explored some of the basic elements of traditional Hindu wedding
photography, here is a new trend that has been still going strong ever since it has been
introduced. Portraits with an editorial touch have been requested by almost all the

Due to it’s immense glow and evergreen nature, they always manage to win the hearts
of couples. Interestingly, these poses are not necessarily candids or semi candids. But,
they often seem to be a beautiful fusion of traditional and modern Hindu wedding
photography. This popular style can be incorporated as per the type of wedding outfits
and as per the confidence and interest of the couples.

Connecting the planning with the traditional Hindu wedding attires poses can bring
promising results as the whole vibe of these portraits revolves around the attire details
as well. From classic sit-down poses to standard portrait poses, the looks we are
concentrating on here are easier to achieve than we imagine.

We hope that you had a good time while enjoying the highlights of our traditional
Hindu wedding photography. We equally enjoy the thrill of covering ceremonies of
traditional Hindu weddings just like the fresh feel of capturing modern and stylish
new-gen weddings. There is something very special and auspicious about traditional
Hindu weddings in general. Evidently, the surreal feel of experiencing the traditions
and customary events of Hindu weddings all across the country is inexplicably joyous
and abundantly graceful. We hope you had a vibrant visual experience skimming
through some of the powerful wedding palettes of India.

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