Are you feeling clueless about how to discover the modern wedding themes 2020?
Are you someone who is madly in love with event planning in general!? Hold on tight!
Because you have landed upon some super cool 2021 wedding trends decor that we
discovered through our journey in the wedding industry. Let’s put the cliche designs that we all have been stumbling upon in the virtual world. Instead, here is some garden-fresh wedding decor news that has been on a constant discussion among the legends. We are super stoked to discuss these trends that are
going to be in the 2022 wedding decor trends as well!

1) Artistic Wedding Entrance Name Boards

latest wedding decor trends

As per the zillions of additions in the latest wedding decor trends, wedding boards
have acquired their own royal presence. Evidently, we see lavishly decorated wedding
boards at almost all the weddings we go to nowadays! Unquestionably, the trend has
made its way from the Western wedding culture. Classic Christian Wedding decor as
per the Western culture is brimming with numerous decor pieces such as chandeliers, beautiful wedding name boards in wooden finish and so much more!
Wedding name boards are easy to put together with a standard craft display/drawing
board with a stand. As we can see, the names of the couple will be engraved or
showcased aesthetically on the board along with supporting props. The bride and
groom name boards are often enhanced with minimal yet gorgeous floral decor.

2) A Complete Luxurious Makeover

 Luxurious Wedding Stage

Luxury indoor wedding makeovers are the best event decoration for wedding
receptions. The abundance of floral decor extending from floor to ceiling is
something we find fascinating at these venues. The theme of a wild forest energized
with fresh blooms is one of the current obsessions of the new-gen couples.

decoration for wedding receptions

Here, we are talking about the decor as a whole because often times a particular
element is found repeated neatly in the venue. Let it be giant frames, candle
ornamentation or detailed floral decor, the pattern of the decor is something that
always drives our attention. In our photo, the rich, dense hangings at the ceiling have
uplifted the entire mood of the venue to a luxurious experience by being the perfect
wedding decor. And, the tall decorative frames with foliage are a total ‘wow factor’
in the next photo.

3) A Floral Dream

A Floral Dream

The floral decor is the hero of beach weddings and outdoor lawn weddings. As per the
current sensations in the wedding decor industry, the pastel palettes are the most
demanding ones irrespective of the type of venue. Clearly, the main ceremony held
outdoors would be simple and minimal in decor. And, apart from the neatly arranged furniture, the central walkway and the stage are the 2 main spots, for the best flower decoration for wedding. Rich avenues, parallel
line decor on the floor alongside the walkway, mini installations are some of the
crowds-favorite patterns that designers go for, with the best wedding flower
decoration. Many a time, the spot dedicated to performing wedding ceremonies
would have very minimal decor except for a frame or arch with a bouquet or similar

4) Minimal & Classy

Most Beautiful Wedding Decorations

Minimal wedding decor is an equal competitor to the luxury variants. To be more
precise, couples who are planning a much private event and couples who are into
minimalism, in general, tend to choose this particular type of wedding decor. As the
name says, the venue would be styled as humbly as the couples prefer. And, we will
see almost zero heavy props or giant frames. Evidently, the stage will be given more
importance with the most beautiful wedding decorations. As we see in the photographs, the diety and motif designs of the best Mandap decoration are paired with a bunch of vases to complete the venue. The use of props
can be creatively handled as per the type of venue. In beach weddings, natural outdoor
props can be used for the top wedding stage decoration. Complimenting all of the
above decors will be neatly arranged furniture.

5) A to Z Color-Coordination

Best Haldi Decoration

The next factor we are about to discuss is very important in the decor industry
especially wedding decor. Color coordination or adhering to a specific theme helps us
to achieve a neat and attractive output in wedding decor. At times, certain ceremonies
will be strictly color coordinated as per the tradition. To clarify, Haldi ceremonies in
traditional Hindu weddings always carry a yellow color theme. Thereby, each and
every piece of decor in the best Haldi decoration will be in gorgeous yellow shades. The monochromatic decor is indeed a breath of fresh air due to its uniformity and
excellent synchronization with the yellow dress code of the ceremony. Similarly, the
main ceremony venues also are designed with perfect color coordination. As we
already discussed, pastels are ruling the wedding decor industry, especially in
Christian weddings.

6) God is in the Details!

Bets Wedding garlands

Traditional Hindu wedding decors have a special charm to them especially because of
the best wedding garlands. As per the traditions, flower garlands are hung all around
the venue. And, it is made in good old patterns and shapes by bending coconut tree
leaves and adding the commonly found pooja flowers.

Best Decoration for Weddings

In the present times, the wedding decor industry has replaced these traditional patterns with brand new innovative designs. Though the same materials from nature
are used for decorating the venue, we see a lot of interesting shapes and formations. No fancy props or giant installations will be found in these types of top decorations
for weddings.

7) Impeccable Elements

Best Wedding Decors

Modern wedding decor never fails to fascinate each and every one of us with its
endless prop varieties. From vintage lampshades and candle stands to old-school
winery essentials, sometimes we find ourselves engrossed in the vintage wedding
themes 2020. Most importantly, using appropriate props help the designers make a
strong statement rather than just meddling with floral options.

Best Wedding Decoration

In today’s weddings, we see these elements taking over the decor at dinner tables, main stage, aesthetically curated corners, venue entrances mostly as companions of
the wedding name board etc. There are tons of categories in the wedding decor
trends 2021, from contemporary to old vintage editions. If you are pumped about
brainstorming your best wedding theme ideas, you should definitely try handpicking
the props or items with your partner.

Best Wedding Theme Idea

8) LED Light Decor

Best Wedding decorations

Giant Letter or numeral decor is a mandatory decor piece in new-gen weddings. These
are lit by LED lights during the night hours. For day events, we often find it gently
stuffed with flowers. Initials of the couple and the event date are showcased through
these large decor pieces. Added to its role as a wedding name board, this statement
decor also serves as a catchy spot with the best wedding decorations for taking
selfies. Also, after the wedding, night parties are nothing without this peppy decor due
to its vibrant presence and shiny attention factor.

9) Everything feels Cottagecore!

Everyone in the wedding industry from wedding decor to catering services is crazy
about the trend ‘cottagecore’. Cottagecore weddings and engagements radiate a pure
countryside vibe with an extra punch of elegance. The style itself is found to be very
old-school and strictly humble as we trace its authentic persona.

Best Wedding Hall Decorations

Hence, the wedding decor industry has upgraded the good old cottagecore style to a
more advanced yet classic style. A cabin-style dining and best wedding hall
decorations are a must in a wooden finish. Precious vintage decor pieces and
cutleries, warm ceiling lights and lanterns are some of the interesting highlights of this
top wedding decoration style.

Top Wedding decors

We hope that you had a great time brushing through our wedding decor stories. We
felt so excited to catch up with you about the experiences we had at our projects. In
this curation, we focused on delivering the most exciting parts of wedding decor that
we witnessed in the span of the past few months. Not to mention, all the topics we
shared with you are embraced with warmth and love by our couples. We hope that
you got some cool inspirations to plan your own wedding or your loved ones wedding
with our chitchat.


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