Feeling confused about whether to hire the same experienced Christian wedding
photographers in Kerala for all your wedding events? Feeling curious to know what
it would look like? Or are you on a relentless search for ways to deal with your
camera-shyness? Surprise! We have answers for all your worrisome thoughts!

Without any doubt, our best Kerala Christian Wedding photographers Kochi
recommend opting for the same camera crew for all your important life events.
Clearly, there are several advantages hiding behind this interesting choice.
For those of you who are camera-sensitive, hiring the same crew would ease
your anxiety by the passing of each event.

With time you would feel completely comfortable and stress-free with the
crew which would deliver the best pictures of the Christian wedding! Added
to that, you can have extended discussions about your dreams without any hurry.
Your crew would be always by your side all ears to your trending Christian
wedding photography ideas. To explain, we would love to take you on a virtual
journey by explaining how we documented our power couple Varun & Rose’s
latest Kerala Christian Wedding!

1) The Kerala Christian Wedding Fixation

The Details

Wedding Fixation is one of the first official ceremonies as per Kerala traditional
Christian wedding traditions. To point out, the ‘ring ceremony’ is the major
highlight of the Kerala Christian marriage fixation. Our couple chose to curate
their private ceremony at the ‘Flamingo Marari Boutique Hotel’. Evidently, the event
was organized at the lush green outdoors. Lighted candles and garden-fresh floral
decor swept our hearts with some viral marriage fixation image ideas.

As a part of documenting the gorgeous details of the event, we were thrilled to
photograph the ring platter and the ritual highlights. Most importantly, we focussed on
filtering out the best lighting for a pleasant visual experience. A tinge of warmth is
maintained in all the frames to nourish the real, raw colors of the candle-lit venue.
Added to that, we have pulled off a set of shots with intentional blurring and candid

viral marriage fixation image ideas.

Together Forever

The decor strictly stuck to a soothing pastel palette. To clarify,. pink and white
undertones were given more focus all throughout the decor palette selection. From
muted pink satin tapestries to neatly set dinner table aesthetics, the decor screamed
cottagecore Christian wedding trends. Certainly, the low-angle shots stole a special
place in our hearts with their wholesome candid feels.

best pictures of the Christian wedding

At the event, our couple flew sky lanterns that offered a great opportunity to capture
candid moments with a subtle warm glow. However, the stage moments are shot with
smooth lighting that does not create a disturbing tint in the photos. Clearly, we have
also attempted high-angle shots for capturing detailed views while required. Upon
analyzing the table setting frame, the angled top view has helped us gather so many

2) The Engagement Bash!

The Classic Editorial Edition

The Kerala Christian engagement photo ideas of Varun and Rose were blessed
with rich royal red tones. Evidently, the couple synchronized each other’s outfits in
the classic Indian festive style. Rose wore a Kerala Christian bridal saree red outfit
from the very famous ‘Raw Mango’ bridal saree collection. Her intricate jewelry
sets are from Sangeetha Jewelry. To top it off with the finest bridal makeover, team
Anez Anzare chose a soft glam with matching red tones.

As a part of the exclusive pre-engagement candid session, we prepared a precious set
of editorial poses for Christian brides. As seen and recognized in globally trending
Indian fashion couture, the poses we see here transformed our frames with abundant
elegance. To point out, these poses are fuss-free and easily achievable that assure a
relaxing session. The references for these poses have also been drawn from poses seen
in veteran paintings. For example, the famous Raja Ravi Varma portrait poses.

Soul-Stirring Candids

A candid session with the near and dear family circle is one of our favorite parts of
any event shoot. The priceless emotions we get to capture here never fail to melt our
hearts. In a short timeframe, our crew experiences a rollercoaster of memories and
emotions while casually freezing the most beautiful shots of the day! Though we were
extremely focused on clicking standard stills, we were equally excited about capturing
breezy candids as well with Rose and her family!

Soul-Stirring Candids

Oftentimes we find it much more relaxing and stress-free when the candid session
involves the fun family squad. As the couple tends to loosen up and enjoy around
their sister crew and cousins, we get to grab candids that are full of life and love!
When it comes to the latest Kerala Christian engagement portraits, we make sure
to bag some quirky close-ups of the newly wed’s outfits. Here we have showcased a
precious portrait of Rose where her custom lotus bridal bouquet is popping!

The Big Moment

As seen in the showcased images, we have tried some rare angles to gather more
vibrancy to the photos. Certainly, the moments during and after the Kerala Christian
wedding ring exchange have been carefully collaged for a sequential edit. The
after-engagement party has been held at Chakolas Pavilion, Kochi.

Kerala Christian wedding ring exchange

Evidently, the indoors are brushed up with the most magical makeover by the team at
Rosael Events, Kochi. Most importantly, the shades of the decor go hand in hand with
the warm tones we see on the family and the couple. Added to that, the stunning
chemistry between our couple blessed us with a set of beautiful Christian bride and
groom images that we shall cherish forever!

3) A Peppy Bridal Shower

The bridal shower bash of Rose ushered a truly tropical vibe. In the frame, we see
tropical prints, exotic floral decor and velvety green landscapes. Contrasting to the
sparkling tiara parties, our bride-to-be and her team celebrated the day with this
uber-cool theme. Flower crowns and beachy outfits add a cooling, refreshing touch
to the event. From Instagram bridal shower trends to peppy group clicks, our crew ensured a
holidayish relaxing experience for the bride-to-be and her squad. To point out, the
hanging garlands and neatly set dinner table served a perfect backdrop for these
bridal shower daytime photos.

4) The D-Day!

Magic By Matin Mac

The wedding day documentation began with Rose getting surprises from her wedding
gown designer Matin Mac. The designer added special elements to her wedding
outfit for paying a tribute to her late father. As per Christian traditions, the bride is
walked down the aisle by her father. It was a special moment for us to document
Rose’s reaction to the surprises! Her wedding jewelry is a work of art from TBZ

wedding gown designer Matin Mac

Most importantly, the bridal makeover curated by Artist Jijesh spiced up the entire
look in soft nude tones. Varun looked absolutely dashing in his Matin Mac suit that
perfectly complemented Rose’s trending wedding gown design. The vanity shots we
have showcased here portray some invaluable candid moments from behind the

To treasure her beautiful bridal makeover, we have planned a bunch of easy bridal
portrait poses. Undoubtedly, the portraits have succeeded in featuring the most
beautiful details of her attire. The sharp side pose is pointing out the illusion neckline
detail of the gown. Added to that, her messy hairdo and French nail tips are adding
another dimension to the beautiful Christian bride images.

And, the bride is looking away from the camera for bringing a semi-candid effect to
the portraits. We believe that every bride deserves a set of carefully planned
getting-ready shots and wedding makeover shots. Clearly, it is something that we all
look back on even after decades.

The Bride Squad

Added to the special elements on Rose’s wedding gown, her bridal bouquet also
ensures her father’s divine presence. We felt extremely special and lucky to capture
Rose cherishing her father’s memories. A peppy pose with the bridesmaids is a
mandatory one for any getting-ready portraits bridal session.

Definitely, we have handpicked the most fun-filled ‘bride and her squad’ picture to
highlight here! All dolled up, the team is beaming with beautiful smiles, all excited
about Rose’s big day!! Muted colors of the amazing bridesmaid dresses are
flawlessly syncing with our custom color palette for the wedding.

A Dreamy Beach Wedding

The couple has been dreaming about a serene beach wedding ever since they were
planning their big day. The wedding decor for the beach event reflects minimal yet
elegant vibes. Rosael Events, Kochi has done a great job in peacing together the
venue design. The magnificent Western beach wedding decor adopted by the event
planners suited so well with the overall event. We took out some time to browse the
location for bagging the best Christian wedding decorations images.

To point out, the portraits taken under the altar frame are processed in a Mahagony
tinted palette. The rich brown hues we witness in the photos give a polishing touch to
the furniture and the event decor. And, we have taken great care to extract the finest
white for highlighting Rose’s gown.

The Grand Reception

The grand reception bash was held at Flamingo Marari Boutique Hotel. Unquestionably,
the event decor has been aced to perfection by Rosael Events, Kochi. At the event,
we captured several energy-packed games, fun choreographies and Christian traditional
after-wedding ceremonies. Added to that we have also bagged the best Christian wedding
stage decoration photos.

Moments such as first-dance, cake-cutting ceremony and the exclusive game for the
newlyweds were recorded with lots of energy and excitement. Most importantly, we
thoroughly enjoyed the heartwarming hospitality from both families. From the
wedding fixation to the big wedding bash, we stood by our couple leading the shoot
with fuss-free and helpful directions.

As the shoots progressed from the very first celebratory event to the most crucial
wedding rituals, the couple and our crew grew closer to each other, establishing a
friendly bond. As the couple felt homely and stress-free around our team by the
passing of each event, we were able to discuss and understand more about their ideas
and dreams. We hope you had a great time exploring the lovely wedding highlights of
Varun and Rose.


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