A Breezy Beach Day | Pre-wedding Shoot of Shikha & Gracious

The soft and supple hues of this beach edit effortlessly calms our nerves with chilly cool tones. Our beautiful couple Shikha & Gracious posed smoothly at the gorgeous Marari Beach Resort – CGH Earth. @mararibeach_cghearth Just like the peaceful Sufi whirls, the portraits we captured are aced by our couple delivering us the best flowy and placid visual experience.

Here, we have clubbed together two sequential shots in the portraits for connecting the images gracefully in terms of emotions and movements. We have tried our best to capture the serene emotional connection our couple shares through frames such as semi-candids of them slowly twirling while holding hands.

Our most loved ‘eye to eye’ frames are nailed by Shikha & Gracious with a surreal momentum in their eye contact in each and every frame. Though minimal, each shot is balanced with the lovely elements of the Marari Beach Resort, let it be the fresh blade of grass or the wind-driven beach waves.

The mandatory overhead close-up shot is finished in the finest tones with minimal corrections. We have incorporated refreshing cool tones to virtually experience the tranquil of the portraits finessed by Shikha & Gracious. The low-angle shot from behind fuses the charisma of the couple with the beautiful sun. Our classic black & white edition is curated for our stunning couple in wide angle shots which are pure candids.


Outfit Ideas for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot