The most Surreal Kerala Wedding | Vineesh & Greeshma

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature”. For every father, ‘Kanyadaan’ (giving away his daughter to the groom) is a very emotional and heart-rending ritual. Our bride Greeshma and her loving father shares an indestructible, strong bond and let us walk through their beautiful moments together on her big day.The thirst-quenching landscape of Alappuzha and the emotional journey of Greeshma and her father throughout the wedding make it close to our hearts! The radiant event decor was curated by the brilliant team from Maritus Events and Wedding Planners. @maritusweddings

Bridal portraits of Greeshma embrace us with the legacy of traditional Kerala Hindu brides, always donned in ravishing silk sarees and intricate temple jewelry. We have curated a set of classic bridal portraits exclusively to lift up the elegance of our gorgeous bride, styled and perfected by celebrity make up artists Sajith & Sujith. @sajithandsujith The precious family photo of the bride with her father and mother warms our hearts with unconditional love. Our ‘glass showcase’ bridal portraits have been carefully fine tuned to blend the vibrant colours of the bridal attire with the greens of Uday backwater resort.

Simple yet dashing monochrome outfit of Vineesh complimented the beautiful indoors of the resort in black and white shades. The wedding ceremony has been shot step by step from the wedding procession to bidding farewell to the bride from family and friends. The main ritual ‘thaalikettu’ sequels captured without missing a moment are always special to rewind.

A precious set of black and white images processed to treasure the emotional farewell glimpses between Greeshma and her father makes us teary-eyed. The colour palette for the images has been derived with extreme care by mixing natural hues and tones with a pinch of vintage shades. Greeshma’s wedding attire has been focused by extracting the most lovely tinge of red. Our images are crafted to treat your eyes with the most relaxing experience ever.

The Legendary Festivities of Kerala Traditional Hindu Weddings – Vineesh & Greeshma