Together Forever | Wedding Fixation Ceremony of Rahul & Christeena

From cozy candids to classic portraits the wedding fixation ceremony of our lovely couple Rahul & Christeena is a real treasure to skim through. Staged at the glorious resort of Taj Malabar in Kochi, we captured a set of regal frames to cherish forever.

The surreal and mellow candids of the couple is oozing pure love! Soft and gentle gazes off the camera eye striked by Rahul & Christeena are showcasing raw emotions and naturale unplanned poses. Rahul’s single portrait focuses on his stunning smile and dashing suit attire for the day.

While Rahul is acing his single portrait with a casual ‘in motion’ pose, Christeena steals our hearts with an evergreen pose maintaining direct contact with the camera eye. We have taken close-up as well as full shots of the couple documenting in their complete comfort and confidence.

Capturing details is as important as covering the ceremony as a whole. We have collaged a pure candid of Rahul & Christeena living their special day with warm smiles with a detailed frame of them holding hands while posing for the camera.

The side profile portrait is all about pausing that beautiful moment in awe with Rahul gently holding Christeena by looking afar. We have finished the most precious portraits in our signature black and white palatte. The tones used here are said to be immortal in wedding photography.

The collage of the couple embracing each other and night view of Kochi is prepared in crisp image quality. The overall color theme of the shoot is extracted in a smooth finish with calming natural hues.

A Sweet Proposal