Are you ready to feel completely blinded by the power of true love!? Are you ready to
virtually accompany us through the most awaited life events of our power couple?
Kerala Christian weddings mark a much-appreciated place in the wedding industry
since decades. Be it the minimal yet energy-packed best pre-wedding rituals or the
holy matrimony at church, we can never get enough of the fascinating rituals. We are profoundly thrilled to have covered a series of precious life events with our
beautiful couple Shikha and Gracious. Right from the pre-wedding shoot to the final
events of the wedding, our professional wedding photographers Kerala
documented their journey with love and care. Get ready to be in awe of a pre-wedding
shoot from the best wedding photographers 2020 with which we begin the life

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

1) Heaven on Earth

pre wedding Shoot at Marari Beach resorts

Outdoor shoot at Marari Beach Resorts

Top Wedding Photographers in Kerala

Finished in soft forest green palette, this pre-wedding shoot is everything a couple can
dream about. Evidently, the soothing outdoors of Marari Beach Resort by CGH Earth
gave us the best destination for pre-wedding shoot. To begin with, Shikha and
Gracious are truly a match made in heaven who kept on nailing every single pose. The
frames in this set consist of minimal yet lovely poses which are perfect for even
camera-shy couples. Most importantly, capturing with the flow of the couple helped us bag these classic
clicks in a blink’s time. Clearly, the couple is looking away from the camera in each
shot forming a casual candid mood. The overhead portrait is a very relaxing and
mandatory one often chosen by many popular wedding photographers.

2) At the Heart of Nature

Outdoor Couple Shoot Ideas

Best Pre Wedding Photography

Couple Portrait Ideas

Though shot in sun, the photos are graded by the best wedding photographers in
Kochi in custom moody tones to add a personalized feel. Rather than processing the
photos in eye-poking high contrast tones, we have prepped these best pre-wedding
2020 photos in twilight shades. Also, the sunrays peeping out of the greens convey the
feels of pleasant weather though the photos are moody in edits. Undoubtedly, the color grading is complimenting the couple’s outfits as well. The
resort has plenty of picturesque nooks and corners perfect for the best pre-wedding
shoot pics. Eye-to-eye portraits played an important role in documenting the strong
emotional bonding shared by our couple. Added to that, these best couple
pre-wedding shoot photos are strongly expressive, narrating the emotions through
just an eye-lock.

3) A Breezy Beach Day

Shikha & Gracious Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Couple Portrait Ideas for Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding Couple Shoot

Shooting around the gorgeous beachscapes was yet another exciting part of this top
pre-wedding shoot. Swept by the cool breeze and waves crashing, the beach shots
are also finished in the same palette to give a noticeable uniformity to the whole shoot. The poses in this set of photos are quite flowy and smooth due to the windy climate. The charming breezy weather also surprised us with a bunch of breath-taking candids. The overhead close-up shot is the best pre-wedding photo due to the heart-touching
feels it conveys. Unquestionably, the solid colors of our couple’s outfits have added a
special grace to the photos. Moreover, our couple was strikingly confident while
posing before the camera which helped us click lots of awesome photos.

4) It’s Raining Love!

Best Couple Shoot Inspiration

Pre Wedding Shoot at Marari

Couple Portrait Ideas

The glow of sunset hours added a freshness to this set of best pre-wedding
photography, especially the close-ups. Framing the wide-angle shot with the
pine-trees dancing in the wind was quite interesting. The highlight of this beach
session was the pictures taken around the golden hour.

Definitely, the standard sunset portrait finished in moody tones is something vastly
different from the cliche sunset photos we often come across. The skin tones are
mellow and subtle but not over-worked at the same time. We have also taken extreme
care to fuse the skintones perfectly with the evening sun’s glow. As a whole, this best
pre-wedding photoshoot is totally goals for the couples who are planning emotional
and close-to-heart shoots with a relaxing touch.

The Engagement

5) Elegance Personified

Shikha’s green Silk Saree outfit for the day was an absolute head-turner. Her elegant
makeover paired with her perfect smile steals our heart in no time. Kerala Christian
brides are a symbol of sheer elegance in every single element. The engagement of
Shikha and Gracious was held at the resort, Cocoon Lagoon by CGH Earth. Our
engagement portraits of Shikha have neutral white backdrops, completely focusing on
the bride’s poses. Unquestionably, the glass showcase portrait of Shikha holds a burst of excitement and
positive energy. We have focused on several uncommon angles to capture Shikha’s
gorgeous outfit in its full glory through the best Christian bridal photos Kerala. Her
joyous smile lights up every single portrait.

6) The Bewitching Details

Onto further details, her intricate stone embedded jewelry is captured through a
close-up shot where Shikha is smiling vividly. Close-ups always help us to carefully
document even the tiniest detail of the couple’s attire and makeover.

Hence, we clicked a series of bridal portraits to especially showcase her outfit, jewelry and hair and make-up. The royal indoors of the resort helped us perfect these
photos with infinite grace. A tinge of beige has also been incorporated to the color
palette for achieving the best colors for engagement photos.

7) Together Forever

The best engagement couple pics of Shikha and Gracious have a merry vibe. The
cornered poses where both of them are standing towards each other are quite modish
and Avant-grade in these amazing engagement photos of 2021. A wholesome family
portrait of Shikha is a pure candid where the dear family members are interacting with
each other. Clearly, family portraits are more lively when the whole team is talking or laughing
together instead of striking cliche steady poses. The woody indoors of the resort are
beautifully popping up in the best Kerala Christian engagement pictures of Shikha
and Gracious. The couple shares a divine connection which makes our frames even
more alive and cherishable.

The Kerala Christian Wedding

8) Our Stunning Christian Bride

Flaunting a delicate and detailed veil, Shikha was donned in a classic white gown

paired with messy low bun hairstyle for her wedding. Her look was completed with
minimal diamond jewelry. Dolled up in peachy bridesmaid outfits, the group photo of

Shikha and Gracious feels like heaven on earth with the flower shower. Undoubtedly, capturing in-motion photos like this is our favorite. In a nutshell, Shikha’s wedding makeover gave us real feels of a Dreamy Kerala
Catholic wedding with her sit-down bridal portraits. Her pastel toned bridal bouquet
paired with the lacey wedding gown and long veil beautifully resembled western
Christian wedding. Shikha’s black and white portrait is finished in soft tones to spark
up the best Kerala Christian bride in gown photo.

9) A Match Made In Heaven


The pivotal ceremonial shots of the church wedding have a glossy touch in it. Most
importantly, magnificent carvings and indoor details of Edappally Church where the
wedding was held, polished our shots with pure elegance. The straight-angle photos of
both ‘thaalikettu’ ceremony and the cake cutting ceremony are covered in standard
side and straight shots. Seed events had done a fantastic job in coordinating all the events with brilliant floral
decor. To point out, the color-coordinated pastel tones in the decor are quite
impressive and eye-catching. Evidently, the 2-tier wedding cake is blending
effortlessly with these most beautiful wedding photos.

10) New Beginnings


After-wedding photos have significant importance when it comes to the unexpected
surge of overwhelming emotions. Here, we see a very happy family portrait bathing in
dusky pink tones. A heartful of emotions can be felt through this one portrait which
shouts new beginnings and a life full of excitement. The saree outfit of Shikha for the
best Kerala Christian wedding reception is perfectly matching her vibrant persona. In the portrait, we again get to witness the appealing event decor curated by Seed

Events. This portrait is finished in warm tones with a touch of red for acing the best
bridal and groom photo shoot. We hope that you had a great time flipping through Shikha and Gracious’s important
life events. We felt so thrilled and happy to document the series right from the
beginning till the wedding. The pre-wedding shoot helped us connect with the couple
to a great extent. Thereby, the couple felt extremely confident and homely when we
walked them through the following shoots. Hiring the same photographer for all your big events can make the shoots more
fuss-free and enjoyable. As we finish each event irrespective of how big or small it is, the photographers and artists get more and more connected with the couple. Most
importantly, hiring a professional for all the shoots makes it picture-perfect by
delivering amazing results with their professional experience.

Pre Wedding Shoot of Shikha & Gracious

Shika & Gracious Wedding Pics 


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