Are you an amateur wedding photographer who is solely interested in Christian
wedding photography? Or are you a bride-to-be or groom-to-be who has absolutely no
idea about what’s going to happen in your Christian wedding photography session? Or
would you like to have a brief visual walkthrough of the most exciting highlights of
best Christian wedding candid photography!?

We promise you a relaxing experience about the same with lots of interesting facts
curated by the professional Christian wedding photographers Kochi. Through this
curation, we intend to provide a super-light sit-down read that will clear all your
confusion and queries on trending Christian wedding photos.

1) Precious Vanity Moments

Precious Vanity Moments

Getting Ready portraits play an important role in documenting the precious moments
of both bride and groom as their big day begins. Evidently, these trending Christian
marriage portraits usher sweet memories at the vanity spent with near and dear
family members, bridesmaids or groomsmen and the professionals.

trending Christian marriage portraits

Though these portraits are mostly candids and semi candids, they can also be executed
in a pre-planned manner. Irrespective of the mode or style of the wedding, getting-
ready portraits should never be missed as it is a great way to warm up to the big shoot
day. Gorgeous gown shots and vanity group shots with the bridesmaids are a specialty
of candid Christan wedding photography.

trending Christian wedding photos.

2) Ravishing Bridal Portraits

Best Christian wedding bride images have extra fun elements to them as it has a
bunch of aesthetic elements such as the bridal bouquet. Clearly, snow-white gowns
and traditional white bridal sarees conquer our hearts with their unique charm. Simple
yet classy outfits of Christian brides make the frames much minimal and soothing.

Ravishing Bridal Portraits

Best Christian wedding bride images

As the outfits are mostly monochrome, the backdrops tend to easily blend with the
portraits. Also, western Christian wedding trends 2021 are having a huge influence
on Christian wedding photography as a whole. Hence, there are a million options for
the brides to make their portraits special and stunning at the same time!

Christian wedding bride

3) Limelight on the Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet deserves its glorious presence in every wedding album. The
bouquet is a mandatory part of Christian wedding traditions. And, other than the
bride’s special bouquet, bridesmaids also get to flaunt their matching outfits with the
best bridesmaid bouquets.

Limelight on the Bridal Bouquet

Hence, it is super important to bag at least a couple of super chic bridal bouquet
portrait shots! The bridal bouquet is composed of a lovely color coordinated blend of
flowers sometimes curated by the bride herself. Undoubtedly, the bouquet’s presence
help in achieving sassy bridal portraits with simple poses.

best bridesmaid bouquets.

4) Dashing Grooms Portraits

Christian groom portraits often resonate a royal feel with the polished suit attires with
bow ties and pocket squares. Unquestionably, the very minimal sit-down poses are the
most loved Christian groom poses. Though it may sound silly as the pose simply
consists of maintaining a steady posture, there are countless ways to accentuate these

Dashing Grooms Portraits

most loved Christian groom poses.

Details such as crossed legs, holding the chin, leaning towards a specific side can
spice up the photos with interesting details. Those who are uncomfortable with
exploring different poses may try these ideas. Though these ideas may seem simple, the final output may surprise us with neat and put together frames.

5) The Near & Dear Portraits

Family portraits are the most heartwarming part of any Christian wedding
photography session. Clearly, the bride and groom must spend some quality time with
their family to create some amazing candids. While standard planned group shots help
to archive the day in a much formal way, candids are something that we always look
up to for cherishing the real joy!


The Near & Dear Portraits

Christian wedding photography

The brides shall carry the bouquet to add a finishing touch to the group shot. The
presence of a bridal bouquet helps us feel like the whole team is ready to take off to
the venue. Pastel tones we often see in Christian wedding photography give us a
wholesome feel as the family spends their time in their own little bubble during the

6) The Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gang

Photographing the bridesmaids and groomsmen gang is yet another fun part of
Christian wedding photography. As per the comfort of the team, the best Christian
wedding photographers 2020 may opt for arranging the team in different orders. From creative bridesmaid photos in messy naturale orders to well-aligned neat
formations, these group shots can bring so much joy while we flip through them
much later.

best Christian wedding photographers

As the outfits stay color coordinated in most of the bridesmaid’s gang, the images may
have uniformity and sharpness. Evidently, the group shots become so much more fun
when the bride or groom joins the gang. However, the bride or groom shall always
shine brightly surrounded by the best and closest people in their whole life, shooting
some funny bridesmaids images.

creative bridesmaid photos

funny bridesmaids images.

7) Walking Down the Aisle

As per Christian traditions, the bride walks down the aisle with her father. And, it
indeed is an emotional moment for both the bride and her father. We see these photos
in mostly straight shots. Recently, we see a lot of gorgeous walking-down-the-aisle-
photos shot in low-angle photos.

Walking Down the Aisle

As these photos are also in the top Christian wedding trends for 2021, the
photographer shall stay vigilant to document these invaluable moments in the best
frames. Evidently, this is a part of the important ceremonial shots covered in the
church. While captured in high angles, it gives a much spacious royal feel that
accentuates the relevance of the event.

top Christian wedding trends

8) The Nuptial Bliss

For absorbing the best moments of the holy matrimony at church, the photographer
must maintain a keen eye on the crowd as well the couple for documenting the best
Christian bride and groom images in their emotional journey. The wedding reflects
a set of overwhelming emotions in each and everyone present in the ceremony.

The Nuptial BlissChristian bride and groom images

The journey might differ, but the impact it creates is crucial that has to be recorded
cautiously. From the most fun and quirky moments to rather serious highlights such as
the Thaalikettu ceremony, the ceremonial shots shall take us through intense
emotional roller-coasters if documented in the best way.

9) The Manthrakodi Shots

The Manthrakodi Shots

The Manthrakodi shots are often captured with the couple standing next to the altar.
As it is one of the first sets of shots taken right after the traditional wedding
ceremony, these photos speak great volumes. The Manthrakodi held by the bride is a saree
blessed at the ceremony that is passed to the bride by the groom. The faces we see in
these best Christian wedding couple’s images are thoroughly conveying the couples
excitement for a life full of love and prosperity.

best Christian wedding couple’s images

10) Just Married!

Just Married!

The just married Christian bride groom shots are the ones that are clicked as the
couple walks out of the church freshly married. These are primarily candids and semi
candids with floral garlands and the bridal bouquet. Clearly, these shots turn out to be
the best when we add elements like the umbrella in one of the shots that we have
presented here. Added to that, the photographer shall also click exciting portraits such
as bridesmaid carrying the long trail of brides outfit while she is walking out of the
church with groom.

just married Christian bride groom

11) The After-Wedding Bash

Christian wedding celebrations are concluded with an after-party that is quite merry
and peppy in the mood. Often consisting of a grand entry, stage performances and
thrilling games for the newlyweds, the photos captured at these events stir so many
memories. The bride mostly undergoes a dress change for the celebrations. Lovely
event decor and a cheerful crowd happily engrossed in the events provide good scope
for sweeping some amazing shots including top Christian marriage decoration

Wedding Bash

The After-Wedding Bash

12) Elegant Wedding Portraits

Best Christian wedding couple photos can be taken before and after the events that
include both the church and the after wedding events. Upon arriving at the venue
much early, the photographer can direct the couple to pose for some mellow
Christian marriage images HD that does not cause disturbance to their wedding

Best Christian wedding couple photos

Clicking these portraits is a great stress buster for both the couple and the
photographer. Once the celebrations are over, the couple can experiment with
anything out of the box with professional assistance. Because who doesn’t like to have
some extra fun time making awesome memories!?

Christian marriage images

We hope that you had a great time enjoying our guide on the basics of Christian
wedding photography. We have included the most essential parts of any Christian
wedding no matter how subtle or luxurious it is. This guide is intended to be an eye- opening learning experience for amateurs who are feeling confused and anxious about
their coming projects.

Added to that, we also wish to polish your knowledge by providing some essential
tips and tricks. If you are a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, this content shall give you
further clarity about all the anticipating events that you are expecting soon.

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