Top 10 reasons to choose the best wedding photographer in Kerala.

In India, the most cherished, celebrated & valued occasion is that of a wedding. It carries the emotions of the entire family & each one of us is connected to the same. So the photographers born here have the special instinct to capture these frames with full emotions & thereby lifting the concept of wedding photography to another level. Moreover, there are other reasons which make us stand out from the rest of the lot.

  1. Passion

We are a team of passionate, young, vibrant & creative minds. For us, we are living our passion which makes us work more sincerely towards our goals.

  1. Talent 

Our photographers are born talents with huge exposure & experience in this field. They have a natural instinct to capture the moments of happiness & enthusiasm in its bliss.

  1. Commitment

Commitment is the key to success. The photographers, the editing team, customer relation executives along with the managerial team are committed to bringing satisfaction to our clients.

  1. Professionalism

A wedding is a dream come true for the parents. For capturing such a dream, without hindering the emotions & joy of the people present, the team has to be equally involved & connected and it needs professionalism which we are best at.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The pre & post-production planning working out & execution is done by giving priority to the likes & dislikes of the client at every stage which provides an output that satisfies the customer. As we say, the customer is the king, their satisfaction & happiness matters most to us. 

  1. Quality of Deliverables

Our quality of the team is reflected in the work we do. Be it the album, edited photographs, teaser video, Short wedding film and full video, we deliver it with utmost sincerity, quality & perfection on time.

  1. Technical Know How

In wedding photography, the role of editing & videography skills is very important. The moments are to be captured without losing the real colors & emotions involved & for that great technical expertise is required. 

  1. Uniqueness

Our Stories from Weva are unique. We don’t usually go behind the trends or try to copy it but our frames are the trendsetters which make us unique. Our frames speak beyond time. 

  1. Technical Trends

We use the latest high-quality camera & accessories. All our equipment, technologies that we use are the latest ones & our technical team update themselves which helps us in being the best in the industry. 

  1. Less TAT

In this industry, most of the issues occur due to nondelivery of the work on time. We at Weva, strive to reduce the turnaround time so that it reaches the customer on time.


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