Are you a wedding photographer battling with a creative block? Have you run out of
portrait ideas especially bridal portrait ideas? Are are you a bride-to-be who is on a
relentless search for brilliant bridal portrait ideas? Don’t worry! In the course of time,
we have planned and curated the best portraits bridal 2021 which are fresh and
exciting for both the bride and the photographer.
We have sourced a set of the best bridal photos that has something for each and
every one of you. From camera shy brides to wedding photographers who have just
begun their career, this curation will be a perfect aid for you to ace your upcoming
shoot session. Clearly, these portraits could also be used for not just the best bridal
single portrait inspiration but for any kind of festive shoots. We are so excited to
share our master-tips with you. C’mon, let’s begin!

1) Flower Shower – A Treasured Moment

beautiful Hindu bride

Freezing a precious moment by capturing in-motion pictures is super thrilling for both
the bride and the wedding photographer. Here, our beautiful Hindu bride is gently
bouncing the delicate red mini flowers up above her head. Followed by which, she is
instantly closing her eyes, embracing the happiness.
Unquestionably, she’s fully enjoying the sweet little moment without being conscious
about the professionals capturing the moment. The flower shower photos can also be
taken with the help of bridesmaids or the groom or any other friends or family.
In such a scenario, the photographer should take good care to click the pictures
without feeling disorientated as we are focusing on the bride’s portrait only. The bride
or the bridesmaids can take a heap of flowers and shower it to the sky as the bride
gently twirls around. And, the photographer can start shooting continuously right
from the start to the end of the activity to handpick the best shots.

2) Getting Ready – Candids & Semi Candids

getting-ready wedding photos

Capturing the getting-ready wedding photos at the vanity never fails to surprise us
with the best Hindu wedding bride photos. A handful of candid shots can be clicked
while the bride gets ready with the professionals. At the same time, the photographer
can also point out when a semi candid is being taken. So that, the bride can add some
quirky elements to the portraits, such as, a vivid smile or a sassy outfit check in the

Amazing portraits can be clicked during the bridal make-up session, provided if the
bride is completely comfortable with the shooting. Or, the photographer can create an
impromptu ‘make-up shoot session’ by curating minimal, fuss-free bridal poses as we
see in the images.

3) Adoring the Jewels

best bridal photography.

popular wedding photographers Kerala

Once the bride has completed her wedding glam preps, an excellent way to warm up
the shoot is by clicking simple minimal poses. As shown in the images, our brides are

gently playing with or adjusting their jewels by not making direct contact with the
camera eye. As we all know, these poses are evergreen.
To clarify, we make sure to capture some of these easy poses to boost the energy and
confidence of the bride as we are warming up for the best bridal photography. Most
importantly, our brides are enjoying being in their own little bubble as they gently
tuck in their necklaces or adjust the bangles. As a bride, make sure to feel peaceful
and happy while you pose before the camera. Just like a strong dose of caffeine, these
poses, as suggested by the popular wedding photographers Kerala, will uplift your
vibrance and positivity.

4) The Overhead Staircase Pose

best candid wedding photographers.

The overhead staircase poses have a special charm to it, especially if shot on a spiral
staircase with a traditional touch. Close-ups, as well as wide shots, can be easily
captured depending upon the type of staircase. Brides may casually sit on the stair or
lean against the balusters. Evidently, a lovely stare at the camera eye or a soft gaze
away from the camera eye will work exceptionally well.
Also, the brides may untangle and spread their outfits aesthetically, to make the frame
even more fresh and neat. And, the wedding photographer can assist the bride
regarding the posture. Irrespective of the type or style of the bride’s outfits, staircase
portraits can create magic if curated carefully. These portraits have been making a
statement even before the beginning of experimental wedding photography and
wedding candids brought forward by the best candid wedding photographers.

5) Moments Next to the Tapestries

Posing near the tapestries or breezy curtains has been making a revolution in the genre
of top indoor bridal portraits. Interestingly, the main element of these portraits is,
the bride simply needs to maintain a good posture to achieve a perfect portrait. The
photographer may request the bride to look afar through the windows or strike a
similar position as per the the ambiance and lighting.

Evidently, the frames we see here speak deep volumes without any exhausting effort
in the poses. The photographer may seek assistance to achieve breezy curtains if the
venue is not naturally breezy. Unquestionably, these frames have the essence of
contemporary wedding photography.

6) Sit-Down Poses at the Temple

portraits of Malayali brides

Traditional Hindu temples have unique architectural elements such as stairs with or
without embellishments. The materials used in the construction of these holy
buildings are earthy and refreshing to be around. Hence, sit-down poses at the Temple
stairs are a perfect way to document the cultural as well as divine aspects of the Hindu
traditions through portraits of Malayali brides. Evidently, Kerala Kasavu sarees
feel like a breath of fresh air.

The solid white saree finished in golden borders beautifully blends with the temple
architecture. The bride may sit down on the stairs or at any comfortable corner in the
temple premises (allowed areas), neatly structuring the outfit. Semi-candids make a
good choice for attaining elegant bridal portraits at the temple premises. Added to
that, props such as flowers or traditional crockery can be used to make these Malayali
bride images more catchy.

7) Evergreen Close-Ups

beautiful black and white wedding photo

Hindu bridal makeup image

Close-up shots can never go off the trends due to its detail and efficiency in capturing
emotions. Here, we have showcased 2 overhead close-up shots. Evidently, the frames
feel so lively and lovely especially when we look at the facial expressions of the
brides. In-focus portraits we see here are focused on the faces where we see the rush
of positive energy and infectious smile of our traditional Hindu brides.
The beautiful black and white wedding photo is a clean close-up of our bride
beaming with joy. The following portrait is a Hindu bridal makeup image shot
during the vanity preps. The shot looks one hundred percent candid and unplanned.
But, the photographers can direct the bride to do similar gentle gestures for achieving
a stunning semi-candid bridal portrait.

8) Rhythmic with the Wind

Kerala bridal portrait

unique bridal portraits.

A full-size Kerala bridal portrait can be aced to perfection through several
techniques. From classic straight-angle standing pose to in-motion twirling poses,
there are lots of fun ways to enjoy the portrait session. We believe that no matter how

fun the pose is, the bride should be feeling confident and comfortable while we are
The first and foremost tip for acing classic full-size portraits is, maintaining a steady
confident posture as suggested by the famous wedding photographers. Different
profiles can be tried to figure out the perfect fit. Added to that, carrying the outfit in a
calm and collected attitude can lead to numerous possibilities for unique bridal
portraits. If the bride wishes to try out some flowy breezy poses, a lehenga twirl or a
swift windy walk in the Malayali Christian bridal saree will be a good beginning.

9) Into the Camera Eye

Into the Camera Eye

Be it a subtle straight-angle portrait or a goofy side-profile portrait, never fail to
express yourself in your elements during the bridal portrait session. Exclusive bridal
portraits are curated for brides to strongly resonate their persona and vibe as a person.
Hence, the brides should make an effort to let loose of the tense anxious feelings
during the shoot.
These portraits come under the classic category where the photographer captures
pleasant portraits with a direct eye to eye connection between the bride and the
camera. These are some of the portraits that we all hunt for, after eons, to have a good
look at our appearances on the big day.

10) Out & About in the Nature

most famous wedding photographers Kochi
Inclusion of the elements of nature is a great option for leveling up the best outdoor
bridal portraits. Holding foliage or a branch might feel off the trends but
surprisingly there are unlimited ways to freshen up its aesthetics. The bride may
gently hold a branch or a flower by striking a graceful smile, looking into the camera

The most famous wedding photographers Kochi always makes sure to frame these
category of portrait with uniqueness. Also, it’s very important to give easy yet
accurate guidance to the bride so that we acquire super-soothing and relaxing bridal
portraits at the lap of mother nature.
We are so happy to have taken you through a crisp and clear virtual walkthrough. We
hope that you collected some valuable measures and tricks to prepare for your bridal
portraits. The photographer as well as the bride should create a worry-free and
tension-free atmosphere to extract the best output. Patience is the key to achieving any
challenging task. If you are feeling extremely stressed about the shoot session, try to
relax and remind yourself that it is ‘your’ big day. And, most importantly, you should
feel merry, excited and satisfied about wedding photography as a whole. We wish you
the very best and we can’t wait to hear your wonderful stories!!

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