Traditional Wedding Photography Of Sharmila And Gopi

Their love deepens and enriches when Gopi tied the knot with Sharmila from Chennai. Gopi And Sharmila’s Traditional Tamil Wedding caught our attention. – Traditional Wedding Photography Chennai.

Stunning and rich colours added a great user experience. The couple were enormously energetic, tremendously candy and had a really perfect contagious spirit. The decorations, flora, lighting, catering and everything on that particular day used to be perfect and flawless. Both the bride and groom had the traditional attire for the wedding. The bride was wearing yellow saree with traditional jewellery. Her look also entire with the candy odour of jasmine. While Gopi, dressed in a veshti. Mandap was adorned with marigold and jasmine. The Traditional South Indian colours, outfits on display, the warm tones utilised in Tamil wedding decor and the tradition makes the wedding superb. May your affection shine brighter and your union grow richer with each coming day. – Traditional Wedding Photography Chennai

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Couple           : Gopi And Sharmila
Location        : Chennai
Composition : Team Weva
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