Traditional Chennai Wedding Photography

Gayathri and Raghavenda had a dream wedding at Chennai. Their wedding ceremony was took place at Sri Kuchalambal  Kalyana Mahal. It’s a perfect traditional wedding. Best of 2019. Super traditional bride, handsome groom, happy families and inspiring rituals especially relevant.- Best Traditional Wedding Photography 2019

The function began with Haldi on 23rd Jan 2019 followed by pre-wedding party. In addition fun filled rituals and celebration creates a festive feel.

Third day the function began with the ceremony of Vratham and Nichayathartham. It’s an oath taking ceremony, where the families pledge to go through with the rituals.

Then comes the wedding day. Undoubtedly it was the most auspicious and reliable day of their life…Hence Congratulations Gayathri and Raghavenda and have a blissful life ahead..

Couple            : Gayathri and Raghavenda
Location         : Chennai
Composition  : Team Weva
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