Have you been dreaming about a post-wedding shoot in the middle of a real jungle
instead of urban jungles? Have you been planning a getaway to the deep folds of
mother nature? We are here to unfold our experience on the best couple post-
wedding shoot of Lokesh and Neethu. The shoot was held at Rainforest Resort in
Athirappally. This glorious 3-star resort is the best Athirappally resort for creating
viral post-wedding photoshoots. The resort is overlooking the very well-known
Athirappally waterfalls. We were truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the venue and
how our couple pulled off this shoot in the best way. Without further ado, let’s jump
straight into the details.

1) Hazy & Happy

Couple Posing Ideas

The freshness of nature with the backdrop of crashing Athirappally waterfalls served
us a perfect location for the best post-wedding photography session with Lokesh
and Neethu. Evidently, the frame we have showcased here has a misty effect to seal in
the real feels. Most importantly, we desire to reroot your senses to this refreshing
In the image, our couple is enjoying the aura of soul-cleansing views around the
Rainforest Resorts. Clearly, this portrait expresses the beautiful moments they shared
during their fun day! Firstly, this is a beautiful couple pose that is hassle-free and
easy. Secondly, it is simple yet prominent enough to register the day forever. Hence,
we feel that it is a not-to-miss pose, especially for camera-shy couples.

2) Drenched in Nature

Couple Portrait Ideas

Post Wedding Shoot


To seize the mood of cozy weather at the resort, we indeed planned a bunch of semi-
silhouettes. Certainly, shooting with a soothing green backdrop was equally calming
and joyful for both the couple and the crew. The views from the balcony laid out
numerous creative couple photography ideas.
Evidently, the view of the waterfalls in each image elevated the vibe of this fun
couple photoshoot. As you can see, these are not completely silhouetted, but so much
more inclined to a semi-silhouette edition. Naturale flowy postures of the couple are
going hand in hand with the twilight shade of energy in the location.

3) It’s Tea-Time at the Garden

It’s Tea-Time at the Garden

As we proceeded to take the outdoor shots, the theme of enjoying tea-time at the lawn
absolutely complemented the overall aesthetics. We have fine-tuned the tea-time shots
in an expressive dark-toned palette. To clarify, extracting the most finest tinge of
green was one of the important details we considered during editing. We also bagged
some high-quality couple photos during this chit-chat tea time. Evidently, all we
could see in these images is the ravishing green landscapes around Athirappally
waterfalls. The smell of nature, the rustle of leaves and the roar of waterfalls indeed
boosted our senses during this relaxing post-wedding shoot.

4) Experiencing the Zen of Waterfalls Crashing

Best Outdoor Shoot Ideas Couple Posing Inspiration

The creative couple photo here explains how we virtually collected a souvenir from
this location by documenting its beauty. Focusing on the breathtaking backdrop with
the teared-up dark sky instead of the couple makes this shot even more unique.

Lokesh’s single portrait covers a classic color contrast, twinning with his unbeatable
dose of joy. Here, the tones are light and radiant, highlighting on the attractive shades
of greens around. In addition to the chilly green rainforest hues, we have also
concentrated on the sharpness of images according to the mood of the frame.

5) Heaven on Earth

Outdoor Shoot Athirappilly Outdoor Photoshoot

The fully-fledged glass windows and doors of the Rainforest Resort sparked us the
opportunity to click some window light shots. Here, the portraits clicked of Neethu
beautifully engraves Lokesh’s presence as well. Through this interesting set of shots,
we intend to highlight the tranquility of shooting post-wedding pictures at the lap of
nature. Certainly, Neethu has aced these portraits with her quirky and classy sit-down
The soft wooden touch of furnishings at the resort adds extra charm to these frames.
Most importantly, giving importance to the teeny-tiny details adds more persona to
the images. Hence, along with finding the perfect angle for clicking Neethu’s high-
angle portraits, we have also given importance to the materialistic details in the frame.

6) Chitchats with a View

Chitchats with a View

Onto yet another balcony series with a different view, we were very excited to capture
the most beautiful couple photos. The impact of preparing each image with the feels
of rainforest climate plays an important role in enriching the visual experience.
Unquestionably, casual balcony chitchats can contribute to the best photo poses for

couples indoors. Also, candids like these where the couple is interacting with each

other can ease the tension of posing before the camera. Play of light and shadows
clubbed with balancing the gradients helped us achieve these portraits in homely,
mellow tones.

7) A Refreshing Walk in the Rainforest

Who doesn’t love to bask in the faint glowy sunshine at rainforests? A fun walk
brushing through the dense vegetation uplifted our moods in a blink. Lokesh and
Neethu were uber-excited about the amusing outdoor session spent in nature. Clearly,
there was a visible bounce in our energies the moment we stepped outside with the
The drooping wet leaves and the damp ground served us the perfect couple poses for
outdoor photoshoot. The weather though gloomy was quite comforting and suited
for the theme we were manifesting on. Here, we see Lokesh and Neethu profoundly
cheerful and happy while exploring the landscapes around them. We had a great time
collecting lovely candids, while the couple enjoyed their bubble.

8) Quirky & Cuddlesome

Quirky & Cuddlesome

As a part of the tea-time close-up shots, we have also clicked some heartwarming
wide shots. This bunch includes low-angle and straight shots, showcasing the brilliant
architectural features of Rainforest Resort. Not to mention, the stunning chemistry of
our couple has blessed our photos with tingling feels of true love. To point out,
covering low-angle wide images helped us to incorporate the beauty of the resort
surroundings into the best nature couple photoshoot.

9) Forever & Always

Post Wedding Couple Portrait

Top Wedding Photographers


Amidst the various nooks and corners we have discovered while shooting indoors,
these images have a special place in our heart. To emphasize, the greens in this
creative nature-themed photoshoot are thoroughly refreshing. Rather than the cliche
green tones we often fumble upon in nature-themed post-wedding shoots, these tones
are perfectly balanced to gift a brand new visual experience. The straight shots in this
set gracefully explain the strong emotional connection shared by our couple.
We hope you enjoyed the virtual walkthrough of Lokesh and Neethu’s eventful post-
wedding shoot. If you are still feeling tangled due to the exhausting wedding planning
you just had, a post-wedding shoot is a great remedy to feel at ease. Plan your shoot
as a getaway with your partner to celebrate the beginning of your brand new journey.
It’s very important to select a location that you and your partner shall equally enjoy.
To make the most out of your getaway, pre-plan your ideas with your photographer.
Don’t forget to brainstorm and pull out the best ideas from both sides. Hiring a
professional for your post-wedding shoot is equally important as hiring a professional
for your wedding day. Because a post-wedding shoot marks your first shoot as a
couple. Thereby you might wish to document it with the best professionals whom you

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