Have you been recklessly hunting down the best Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala for
your couple shoot session? Are you looking forward to a luxurious experience with a
touch of Kerala heritage? We have an excellent choice for you! Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort is an
Ayurvedic resort located in Guruvayoor aging around 130 years. ‘Mana’ in Malayalam
refers to the ancestral homes of Brahmins with peculiar Architectural features, right
from the heart of Kerala heritage. Flipping the historical aspects, the Kunnathur Mana was part of the royal family of
Cochin. Later the ownership was inherited by a prominent figure of that region. At
present, Kunnathur mana heritage resort is functioning as a heritage home to give a wholesome
experience to all the guests who come in search for experiencing the real cultural and
traditional essence of Kerala. Clearly, the mana is well maintained without any architectural or constructional
changes. Hence it is a perfect match for hosting your Kerala viral pre-wedding
shoot or viral Kerala wedding photoshoot. The resort is kid-friendly and has a wide
variety of amenities including spa and relaxing massages.

1) Refreshing Outdoors

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ever

This beautiful resort in Kerala has stone-paved courtyards and refreshing sceneries. If you are planning to shoot with a gorgeous view of the traditional Kerala
architectural elements, there are a handful of nooks and corners. Unquestionably, hunting good backdrops and framing the portraits with the elements of mana is never
a tiring task, as the surroundings hold soul-cleansing energy in itself. Earthern roof tiles and wooden details of the structure paired with neutral shades in
the finishings are a perfect combination for planning the best Kerala traditional
photoshoot session. And, low-angle portraits are highly recommended to cover the
full view of the mana in the photos.

Happy Couple Pre Wedding Shoot

Wearing traditional Kerala Kasavu saree attires and mundu outfits can accentuate the
feels of the images to a great extent. As we see in these images, the fresh colors of our
couple’s outfits are taking the portraits to another level. Wearing traditional outfits
comes with a number of advantages such as trying out candids with different
interesting elements such as flowers, heritage household props etc. Most importantly, the poses should beautifully merge with the mood of the resort
atmosphere to give life and energy to the output. Apart from posing with a backdrop
of the main building, there are a bunch of beautifully landscaped areas around the
resort with outdoor seating which are ideal for planning indo-western or similar
themed shoots.

2) Nerve-Soothing Greens

Traditional Hindu Wedding Photoshoot

Kerala Traditional Pre Wedding

The outdoor water sources around the resort are some other amazing spots for doing
Kerala couple viral wedding photoshoots. The natural pond area has a built-in
entrance with steps approaching down the water. All we could see in these photos is
the fresh green colors. Added to the pond there is a swimming pool with a lawn area. A chilling sit-down session can be planned around these water sources. Being
surrounded by the vegetation is equally soothing and relaxing for both the
couple/subjects and the photographer/s. This luxury resort in Kerala provides a
complete experience to the guests which involves a luxurious yet super-homely feel.

Kerala Traditional Pre Wedding Ideas

Pre-Wedding Shoot at Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort

The pond area is vast enough to cover portraits from several angles. From wide-angle
frames to over the head close-up shots, this location can surprise you with a fresh
earthy feel. You may try posing for minimal clean shots as wells as detailed shots
with the inclusion of heritage artifacts or props to boost the images with a dose of
newness. Here in this shoot, we have explored a variety of angles to obtain interesting
new frames.

3) Hang Outs Around the Natural Water Source


Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Another amazing feature of pondside photos is the lovely reflections on the water
surface which are mostly of coconut trees. The name Kerala has the literary meaning
‘the land of coconut trees’. Hence, the pondside creates a great opportunity to strike a
symbol of Kerala within the images. People of Kerala and the wellness travelers
around the world who often check in to the resort are always excited to document and
treasure the feel of the resort by collecting visual souvenirs like this one.

Best Pre Wedding Ideas

Andhakaranazhi beach is close to the resort where you can drive to and have a picnic
if you are planning for a stay. The serenity of the location and the marvelous indoor
settings can be utilized to sit down and plan your shoot after reaching the venue. Brainstorming sessions will be a hundred percent hassle-free and effective in the quiet
atmosphere, fully flourished with greens.

4) Elements of Kerala Traditional Houses


There are different elements that solemnly symbolize the traditions of the state. Be it
the age-old utensils or the showpieces that beautify the indoors, capturing these
elements and planning poses around it can be a totally fun activity for the couples. Our couple is having a light leisurely moment with easy-casual poses. This set of
portraits truly feels like a breath of fresh air with a pop of yellow from the flowers. The presence of an authentic brass vessel functioning as a decor piece adds more
detail to the frame.

Kerala Traditional Couple

Along with an exciting shoot session, the couples can also enjoy the welcoming
services and amenities available at the resort. The hospitality of the staff will make
feel like Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort is your second home. Evidently, the mana truly resonates
with its motive tagline ‘atithi devo bhava’ meaning serving the guests is as important
as serving God. There is also a central courtyard which is a pivotal part of traditional Kerala houses. The overall ambiance of the mana is very peaceful to have a productive shoot session. Most importantly, you can also host weddings and festive ceremonies at this venue
with the amazing management you find here.

Kerala Style Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Couple Portrait Ideas

The interior arrangements truly reciprocate how the ancestral homes of Kerala looked
like. The Ayurvedic treatments available here are supervised by certified doctors and
experts. The resort is close to the famous Guruvayoor temple. So, if you have plans to
visit the temple, the resort is a perfect place to enjoy your stay while having a shoot or
an event. Delicious Kerala cuisine and hygiene safety are some other highlights that
you will avail here.

5) Courtyards of Ancestral Homes

The historic naalukettu architecture consists of a central courtyard surrounded by
rooms and interactive spaces. The courtyard ushers the presence of pure non-polluted
fresh air which lights up the energy of the indoors day and night. The extensive
outdoor courtyards are also contributing to the positive energy at the venue.

Kerala Pre Wedding

Best Pre Wedding Couple Shoot Ideas

If you are in need of extra amenities or assistance, the lovely staff will assist you to
ensure your comfort and happiness. If you are planning a shoot to recollect yourself
and have some relaxing time together with your partner, Kunnathur Mana is an
excellent choice. Away from the bustle of city life, the mana fuses traditional Kerala
essence into modern amenities. A peaceful retreat can be planned here along with
enjoying the goodness of Ayurveda. We hope you enjoyed taking a virtual briefing of Kunnatur Mana and its unique
features. Start planning your shoot with your professional photographer now and
make the session a holistic experience. Make sure to carry your favorite ethnic attires
that blend with the beauty of Kunnathur Mana Heritage Resort. We hope you gathered some essential
information about this heritage resort. And, we wish you an enjoyable and relaxing

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