Engagement Photoshoot Of Liza And Vinay

Ramada Resort Engagement Shoot, Grand Engagement Ceremony. Engagement/Betrothal ,  the occasion for the loving hearts to embrace their trust in each other. Finally, the two souls promise to Marry with the exchange of rings . And take vows to stand by each other – Grand Engagement Ceremony Ramada Resort

With love and care till the end of their lives.  In addition , this auspicious occasion has got all its colours also in the story of Liza and Vinay. Especially relevant  function. A lofty one set in the tranquil air of Ramada Resort Kochi . Where the Girl &  Boy got engaged in a shower of blessings and love.

Liza Charming in Pink-Orange Lehenga with an amazing smile. Her hairstyle, makeup, jewellery extremely beautiful. While Vinay Gorgeous in his Cream Sherwani. With a pleasing personality. Both are so incredible.

The decorations , Artistic and Divine. Canopy curtains makes the venue especially relevant. Decorated with seasonal flowers  and hanging lights. awesome, outdoor venue.

Team Weva has put the best efforts to capture the occasion’s beauty and grace. Therefore , The budding love of the young couple, The wait for the moment. The excitement and their togetherness  weaved into frames . With Weva’s artistry and perfection also. Hence, we wish this couple ‘Liza & Vinay’ a happy wedding. Therefore  a wonderful journey of romance.  #ChristianEngagement #WevaPhotography #YoungCouple.

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Couple            : Liza And Vinay
Location         : Ramada Resorts Kochi
Composition  : Team Weva
Contact           : +91 9061040472
Mail                 : mail@wevaphotography.com
FB                    : facebook.com/wevaphotography


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