Instagram reels have been grabbing our attention with short and quirky video sessions
spanning up to 60 seconds. Wedding reels by the best Indian wedding
videographers have topped the categories so effortlessly, with heart-touching
elements from the big day. Clearly, shooting for best wedding reels on Instagram
particularly has become the most interesting and unavoidable fun part of the new-gen
On the contrary to posing for super-stretchy yet best wedding videos, the couples
often find it super-thrilling and fascinating to shoot short reels with top wedding
videographers for quick wedding updates on their grams. From priceless candid
moments to pranks and games by the bride squad and groom squad, good wedding
reel ideas never fail to pin us down to the screen with its uniqueness. Let’s jump
straight into the importance of wedding reels explained in the most simplest words!
Here we go!!

1) The Merry Moments

The after-wedding party or the party hours could be the most exciting and energetic
highlights of any wedding. Hence by showcasing those beautiful dance steps into a
short 30 second or 60 second video, one can hop on to the most popular wedding
reels on Instagram.
Oftentimes, we see the most subtle forms of wedding reels, especially planned dance
videos. Glimpses from the party night when all the ‘actual fun’ happens is
unquestionably more authentic, raw and the best content for Instagram wedding
reels. We all love that dancing couple smashing the reel section by stepping out of
their comfort zones with energy-driven dance steps.

2) The Big Day in a Glimpse

Weaving the pivotal highlights of the big day into a half-minute well-composed video
is interesting and tempting at the same time to click upon. Filtering out the best candid
of the wedding can contribute to a timeless wedding trailer. Interestingly, wedding
reels are one of the most preferred and trending ways to release wedding trailers, this

Releasing a finely curated trailer with a classic touch, tuned by professionals, is much
awaited by the couples, mainly for using it to announce their marriage on the gram.
Popular Instagram wedding reels are often born while framing compact editions of
the long wedding videos with trending Instagram audios and effects. Though the
maximum limit is 60 seconds, it is still necessary to handpick the footages with good
care to make it more unique and heartwarming.

3) An Overview

As we all know, traditional Indian wedding ceremonies can extend upto days of
celebrations. Who wouldn’t love to watch it all in just a few seconds, presented in a
refined format!? Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies consist of a variety of rituals
and ceremonial events such as Haldi and Sangeet.
And, as compared to the big day, these pre and post-wedding events are more relaxed
and entertaining. Most importantly, by clubbing these vibrant events with the wedding
day footages, wedding reels can become a tad more eventful and prominent. At the
same time, it gives us the feeling of brushing through all the events in a well-curated
brief trailer version.

4) Rewinding the Photo-Moments

Aside from the well-composed trailer versions, the best wedding reels Instagram
pop out with a variety of gleeful elements. As we discussed earlier, professional
wedding videographers in the industry often pre-plan wedding reel ideas specifically
to create a statement for their couple.
Most importantly, filming top Instagram wedding reels is a good way to ease the
unbreakable tension faced by the couple, brewing up while facing the big day.
Filming light aesthetic reels cheers up the couple as well as the videographers during
the process. A visual narration of how the perfect wedding portraits are born is a
fabulous wedding reel idea that almost feels like a breeze, effort-wise.
Definitely, the couple has to be pleasant and alert while pulling off the lovely candid
or semi-candid poses so that the best wedding photographers Kochi can capture
both the process of reaching a particular portrait and the final portrait. Combining
both would result in a great wedding reel which would also be a tutorial on posing for
couple portraits!

5) Our Picstories

Wedding reels need not be necessarily videos. As per the latest Instagram reel
trends, reels are also created with just photos. For example, the pictstories our top
wedding photographers in Kerala prepare for Instagram reels essentially are made
of wedding portraits only. Just like the name says, we mean to tell our life stories via
just a beautiful bunch of wedding portraits that speak deep volumes.
These reels are much more simple, aesthetic and lightweight to watch and enjoy. To
clarify, it makes the visual experience easier and comfortable by resting ourselves
while the reel plays with a slideshow of portraits. Hence, there involves zero hand
movements or extra effort to skim through the best wedding photography in Kerala
as it is organized into a catchy wedding reel.

6) The Bridal or Groom Intro

Wedding reels popular can be dedicated to just a particular section or part of the
wedding day. It gives an elaborate and detailed viewing experience without stretching
to a larger timeframe. Reels focusing on introducing the bride’s look or groom’s look
can turn quite interesting with a little action and guidance from the professional
wedding videographer.
Charming shots and sequels can be captured and collaged for forming an Instagram
best wedding reel that is captivating and elegant. Similarly, a particular event or
ceremony such as the ‘Thaalikettu ceremony’ or the ‘Kanyadaan ceremony’ can be
showcased through the reel. Undoubtedly, these reels help us take a quick
walkthrough of the event by virtually experiencing it to bits.

7) The Wedding Dance

Highlighting a crucial part of the day with great emotional significance makes
amazing wedding reels. The first dance or a happy proposal video can steal our hearts
in a microsecond. As compared to presenting events or fractions of the big day as a
whole, these reels are full of life and warmth.

Clearly, there are infinite ways to make these reels special and unforgettable by
narrowing down the reel to short priceless seconds. Most importantly, the reels in this
category are treasured by the couple as it feels like a golden memory that would be
rewinded over and over again.

8) The Unforgettable Moments

Wedding reels composed of just pure candids are a real gem. A well-worked reel full
of surprises and raw emotions can be quite moving. Wedding reels featuring ‘reading
the wedding vows to each other’ or ‘bidding adieu to the family by the bride’ are
examples of such reels.
Rather than pinpointing a specific event, these best reel ideas for Instagram can help
form a collection of touching moments from the whole day. Clearly, the peppy
wedding reels and the ceremonial event reels are the ones that pop up initially. But, a
memorable one with a precious collection of moments from the big day always tends
to leave a mark, stirring our own personal memories.
We hope that you had a great time while skimming through the significance of
wedding reels, with us. Reels often make us glued to the screens. Don’t they!? And

who wouldn’t like to explore the magic behind it? We do! We hope that you will
enjoy planning out some action-packed stunning reels for your big day. Make sure to
try some trends for having a stressbusting fun time with your partner. We hope that
our references lit up your thoughts with unique ideas that you can plan for your
wedding. And, we hope you shoot some awesome content on your wedding to
treasure and rewind it in the future!

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