Wedding Film At Raviz Resort

We are back with a charming traditional wedding with all the hallmarks of a great romance..The highnote performances, swashbuckling trends and two stylish people Kavya and Vishal, the sweetest couple we have come across. Kavya is from Kerala while Vishal Tamilian extremely rocked the event. Everything crazy – dancing, chilling and the lovely couple and two wonderful families redefined how wonderful a wedding day can be.. – Wedding Film Raviz Resort

Their Pre Wedding Rituals are :

Nalugu –  It takes place in Groom’s Residence where groom allowed to be seated and turmeric paste  applied on his feet and face . It also repeated three times as a gesture to ward off ‘evil’.

Sangeet/Cocktail – An immense backdrop with an ethnic stylistic theme set the stage especially relevant. Splendid and fun hues all around. In addition oozing energy and fun everywhere and performed to different Bollywood tracks..

Finally Dakshina – The wedding rituals formally begin with prayers offered to ancestors to seek theirs and God’s blessings for the upcoming Wedding. Hence Congratulations Kavya and Vishal..

Events               : Ergo Consulting Services
Makeup Artist : Jaanmoni Das

Couple              : Kavya And Vishal
Location           : Raviz Resort, Kollam
Composition    : Team Weva
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