Engagement Film Of Antony And Riya

Dreaming and getting a perfect partner is a real blessing. Riya is one such bride. She is a teacher by profession while Antony a business man, both are coming from Two facets of life the one thing in common about them is their love for Indian tradition and culture. Finally out of this love ensures their beautiful engagement ceremony in south Indian style. Upturned loads of florals, gorgeous chandeliers, colourful shades, varied traditional ambience and coffee brown colour contrast with Kerala Kasavu drapery was also stunning. Therefore Unicorn Wedding Planners sets colours to their dreams by perfectly aligning Kerala Traditional Theme with the ambience of Contour Backwaters.. – South Indian Traditional Engagement Film

Couple            : Antony And Riya
Location         : Contour Backwaters
Composition : Team Weva
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