Wedding Film Of Anju And Rohit

There could be nothing better than spending your life time with your bestie who later becomes your life partner. Rohit, one of her favorite Seniors from college, her good friend, mentor, advisor and her biggest critic who always challenged her to do better. Years later they moved to different cities, irrespective of 2 time zones and oceans also  separating them and they didn’t take much time in realizing that they were meant to be together and that marked the beginning of their journey together. Finally their Wedding ceremony held at St.Jude church followed by Reception at Bolgatty Palace. It’s a celebration of their love and union of two families. Therefore they made vows to love and support each other. Hence congratulations Anju And Rohit. – Kerala Wedding Film BolgattyPalace

Couple             : Anju And Rohit
Location         : Bolgatty Palace
Composition  : Team Weva
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