Have you ever wanted your partner to write you beautiful love letters for expressing unconditional love? Well, let’s watch this special wedding tale to find out how it feels! Shall we? As we begin with the heart-touching love letters from Joslyn to Aldrich, we slowly strive into the meaning of selfless love. With our authentic storytelling style, we take you to the pre-wedding ceremonies of our power couple Aldrich and Joslyn, curated in a natural tone. The haldi and ‘madhuramveppu’ ceremony are must traditions of majestic Indian weddings. The wedding day begins with our signature glimpses of the couple getting ready and also having a jovial family time. Church wedding rituals are followed by a grand after-party/reception where the bride and groom surprise each other with special vows and dedicated songs. Black and white tones are used all throughout the film to enhance the elegance of church wedding footages. We have also executed slow-paced as well as fast-paced reels in different fresh angles, suitable for the occasions. This wedding film is a symbol of new beginnings with the blessings of two fabulous families.


Couple: Aldrich & Joslyn

Location: Chennai

Composition: Team Weva

Contact : +91 9061040472

Mail: mail@wevaphotography.com

Website: https://wevaphotography.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wevaphotogrphy

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