Have you ever experienced the peaking energy and loud cheers at a Haldi bash? Or
have you ever wondered how it feels like to be drenched in soothing cold turmeric
paste from head to toe? Or would you like to have an entertaining visual experience of
the best pre-wedding photography 2021? We can already sense your excitement!
We are back with the best visual treat for you in the form of an informative guide.
Carefully handpicked by the top pre-wedding photographers Kochi, this curation is
meant to shake your senses. Clubbed with a simple explanatory guide, the trending
pre-wedding pictures 2021 we have presented here are focused to energize your tired
selves. Grab a snack and get seated while we unfold the most unfiltered side of Indian
traditional pre-wedding rituals. C’mon! Let’s jump straight into the best photography
traditional Haldi ceremony first!

1) The Beautiful Bride-To-Be

Splashed in rich yellow tones, our brides-to-be are looking gorgeous in their beautiful
ethnic attires. Before the ceremony begins, we always make sure to click some
amazing bride Haldi photos. As Haldi marks the beginning of the wedding rituals in
most of the Hindu religious communities, we try our best to bag the best Haldi
photos of bride 2021! Evidently, the color code for the ceremony strictly remains

The Beautiful Bride-To-Be

As we see in these viral Haldi look photos, our brides-to-be have chosen interesting
attires that include lightweight chiffon sarees, embroidered salwar kameezes, lehengas,
shararas, all in the shades of yellow. To highlight, the brides-to-be of 2021 are
obsessed with jewels made of fresh flowers for their ceremony. Contrasting to the other
Hindu traditional pre-wedding rituals, brides-to-be often avoid wearing any kind of
precious jewelry for Haldi. All set to get drenched in the garden-fresh Haldi paste,
the girls are glowing in their trending bride Haldi portraits with their irresistible
charm and positive energy.

Viral Haldi look photos


2) One Big Happy Family

Before the rituals officially begin, a traditional pre-wedding photoshoot family is a
must! Gathering the bridesmaids, the little cousins and the parents who are always in
a hurry, family portraits sessions are a breath of fresh air.

traditional pre-wedding photoshoot family

To point out, we often section the family shoot to standard family portraits, one with
the bride/groom squad etc. Clearly, the Haldi group shots are always filled with
light-hearted chit-chats and lots of laughter. Hence, these photos often turn out to be
the merriest among the whole pre-wedding series.

Happy Family

3) Divinity of Haldi Rituals

As per the Hindu traditional rituals, the Haldi rasam consists of smearing freshly
prepared turmeric paste on both the bride and groom-to-be. To clarify, turmeric has
skin-enhancing properties that help to remove the dead cells, leaving the skin young
and glowy.

wedding trends Haldi,

As per the customs, only married women are supposed to apply the paste on the
soon-to-be-married. Clearly, it is meant to usher blessings to the couple before they
tie the knot. The rasam is supposed to be performed in the morning of the wedding
day or on the previous day of the wedding.

best Haldi candid photography Kerala

To point out, Haldi is supposed to be a holy bath for the couple to polish their body as
well as mind. As seen in the 2020 wedding trends Haldi, the specially prepared
turmeric paste is applied by everyone in the family. From youngsters to elder men, the
whole family enjoys the rituals by applying the paste to each other. Celebrated as a
jolly-molly event, it’s quite thrilling to document the happy faces all showered in yellow.
Undoubtedly, the emotions we see in these best Haldi candid photography Kerala never fail
to register in our memories forever.

Wedding trends Haldi


4) A Moment to Rejoice

Clicking high-angle candids of the couple as the ritual is ongoing is one of our
favorite things to do. As vibrant as these frames, these beautiful pre-wedding photos
evoke happiness and hope. Therefore, it is a must-try candid angle to get the most
fascinating clicks during any similar ritual! Just like the Haldi function photography
bridal that we bagged before the rituals started, after-ritual portraits are also equally

beautiful pre-wedding photos

Evidently, adding kids to the frame increases the happiness factor of these candid
pre-wedding shoot trends. To point out, we always try to experiment with these
latest pre-wedding pictures Haldi to make it more exciting and less cliche. Along
with the candid high-angle shots, we make sure to click some standard straight shots
as a part of documenting every single milestone!

candid pre-wedding shoot trends

5) The Dance Party

Haldi is often celebrated as a mini Sangeet in many Indian households. With
pre-choreographed dance parties and surprise events, the Haldi rasams are quite
eventful. Hence, we often land upon the best outdoor pre-wedding photos with a
party vibe. Natural lighting and the strict yellow dress code deliver beautiful photos.
Evidently, these dance shots can be composed in a million ways as per the creativity
and imagination of the pre-wedding photographers trending.

best outdoor pre-wedding photos

As discussed in our previous blogs, low-angle wedding photography has stolen our
hearts quite a while ago. In documenting dynamic activities like these, low angle
techniques are super helpful. Unquestionably, it gives more life to these famous
pre-wedding photoshoots Haldi. Styles such as selective blurring can also be applied
for surprising results!

pre-wedding photographers trending

6) The Grand Water Splash

The celebrations are often concluded with a grand water splash. The bride or groom
squad empties gallons of water on everyone covered in the turmeric paste. The bride
or the groom-to-be shall be the first victims! As fun as it sounds, the documentation
demands the photographers to be extremely cautious to bag those gorgeous moments. Clearly,
it is very important to position oneself in the best spot to get a good view of
the water splash.

The Grand Water Splash

Because it is one lucky moment that can’t be recreated with its full originality for the
sake of a photo. Continuous shooting or burst modes will help us with options to
handpick the best shots. Both wide and close-up shots are equally fascinating to look
upon, considering the candidness of that moment.

7) Soulmates Forever

Catching upon the 2020 trends, the best bride and groom Haldi photography is
held as a common event these days. The event gets more peppy and busy as both
families join together. Clearly, the frames we explore in such events are unpredictable
and exciting. As the couple sits together in swings or chairs the rituals are held
simultaneously with the active participation of both the families.

Soulmates Forever

Clicking the top Haldi couple photos 2020 is one of the best parts of such common
events. As the celebration gets more bustling and buzzy, the photographer is supposed
to sync with the chain of events and its pace. As per the comfort and priorities of both
the families, the ceremony can sometimes be silent with a simple pre-wedding photoshoot

best bride and groom Haldi photography

simple pre-wedding photoshoot Haldi

8) Mehendi Ready!

Mehendi parties are often held at night as per the Indian wedding traditions. Before
the night pre-wedding photoshoot Mehendi, we always try to click some single
portraits of the bride-to-be. Clearly, the brides-to-be are commonly found to be
wearing colorful mehndi outfits for brides 2020 that shout a party vibe.

colorful mehndi outfits for bridesnight pre-wedding photoshoot Mehendi,

Many a times, the brides appear for the event with already henna tattooed hands. Hence,
we utilize this golden opportunity to click some lovely shots with the fresh Henna. Clearly,
the Henna that is still on the drying stage is quite a joy to photograph. The art and the
design easily stand out in the stylish bridal mehndi photos that are clicked before the party.

9) The Mehendi Night

The traditions of Mehendi night include drawing Mehendi art on freshly plucked
leaves placed on the hands of the bride-to-be. Originally, the brides-to-be of older
decades used to get their Mehendi done by a group of elder women in the family, as a
part of the ritual. And, in some religious communities, the Mehendi night equals the
Sangeet bash where celebrations are quite grand.

Simple Haldi and Mehendi events

The brides-to-be will be also served with sweets by the family members as a part of
the rituals. While some celebrate the night with grand gestures, some organize it with
a lounge vibe. Simple Haldi and Mehendi events with a soothing feel are intended
to gift a relaxing and stress-free experience for the bride-to-be. Clearly, some of the
brides-to-be opt for such relaxing lounge parties and a casual pre-wedding
photoshoot as a prep for the big day.

casual pre-wedding photoshoot

10) Henna Inked!

As the bride-to-be gets henna inked, the whole bride squad gets Henna inked as well!
And there’s nothing more exciting than shooting those amazing team of girls beaming
with your hands full of art. Gathering the girls with their Henna stained hands around
the bride-to-be is a great idea to get some quirky posing ideas. At times, we discover
amazing semi candid poses that are super enjoyable to pose and shoot.

Henna Inked!

As the killing wait for covering one’s palms and feet with unique prints and designs, the
bride squad naturally pops around the bride-to-be for some quality time. Also, no matter how
silent or buzzy the Mehendi night is, it is very important to stroll around and document
everyone who is getting their hands tattooed with Henna. We hope that you had a great time
flipping through the pre-wedding rituals of traditional Indian weddings. Though Mehendi and
Haldi rasams are a part of the traditional style weddings, modern weddings have also adapted
these unique rituals in their signature ways.

Henna Inked!

Pre-wedding rituals always whisper a strong dose of enthusiasm and high spirits. As it marks
the beginning of the wedding celebrations, the excitement we feel at the venue is incomparable.
As energetic as it sounds, the pre-wedding photography at Haldi and Mehendi rasams have been
trending all over social media with lots of experimental; edits, compositions and poses. Our
informative guide also aims at blessing your eyes with some heartwarming clicks from our collection.


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