Traditional Hindu naming ceremonies are a pure joy to watch and experience
especially when its according to traditional Indian beliefs and customs. From the
refreshing aroma of incense-sticks to divine pooja essentials, authentic ceremonial
rituals are performed in the presence of near and dear family members and
wellwishers. The traditional Hindu naming ceremonies are performed under the
supervision of a priest who directs the parents of the newborn to perform the rituals
Clearly, we are so excited to share the precious moments we got to share with the
Bhakthan family while documenting their little bundle of joy ‘Rishi S Bhaktan’s
naming and cradle ceremony celebrations. Sujith Bhakthan and Swetha Bhakthan
are social media influencers who are immensely popular for their unique content

Sujith Bhakthan is a renowned travel influencer, Instagram celebrity and youtuber.
Swetha Bhakthan is well known for the vibrant personality and the positive energy
she spreads through her content. Without further ado, let's jump straight into the
interesting highlights of baby Rishi’s naming & cradle ceremony and our natural
newborn photography!

1) Our Little Bundle Of Joy

Sujith and Swetha were so thrilled to share the highlights of Rishi’s journey with
them. Prior to baby Rishi’s delivery, the couple was ready with a bunch of names that
they chose for their newborn. Sujith highlights that he believed it to be a baby boy but
Swetha believed that its a baby girl. While filtering the names, Swetha tells, her
husband was very fond of the name Rishi.

The couple confesses that Sujith was the first one to look at baby Rishi's little moves
during a scan. Swetha points out, her husband stood by her and constantly supported
her during the baby’s birth. Sujith adds that it felt truly surreal and super-special to
join his wife during the whole process and he specifies, his respect towards women
spiked even more after witnessing baby Rishi’s birth.



The couple has also documented different stages of baby Rishi’s journey and has
shared it with their fans in social media. We felt so touched and loved while filming
the storytime with Sujith & Swetha for the cinematic mode of film we created for the
couple. A handful of portraits were taken by the best family photographers from our
team to re-live the moment and celebrate the happiness of this lovely couple.
On the big day, we had the best family photoshoot where the Bhakthan couple shares
their excitement with baby Rishi. The newborn is dressed in uber-cute South Indian
ethnic wear for the auspicious occasion of his traditional naming and cradle

2) Cuddles & Snuggles

Bhakthan family’s newborn photoshoot at home was a real serotonin boost for the
whole crew. Undoubtedly, the cooing and laughter of baby Rishi stole our hearts in
less than a second. The photos are finished in soft pastel tones with a cooling effect.
With a minimal yet natural mode of fine-tuning, the baby’s portraits are carefully
curated to document his cuddlesome expressions and cute gestures.

A textured white throw is hugging the baby comfortably which also delivers us a
clean-cut frame to focus on the newborn’s facial expressions. Most importantly, the
top newborn photographers team from us has taken great care to perform the edits
with one hundred percent natural tones.

3) The Beginning

Filming and shooting the Bhaktan family rituals made our day. Each and every guest
of the ceremony lit up the venue with heartfelt smiles and enthusiasm to take part in
the ceremonies. While the elder guests busied themself in planning the events, the rest
patiently waited to watch the upcoming rituals.
From taking care of the rituals at Thulasithara (A protected structure for Thulsi plants
which are commonly found in Brahmin households), to lighting the Nilavilakku (a
traditional lamp) each and every part of the event was so unique and special. Clearly,
the Bhakthan household was brimming with eagerness to hear the newborn’s name.

A poojari or priest was present at the household to perform the poojas and events. The
rituals were performed with all the necessities required for authentic Hindu traditional
naming ceremonies. And, as per the traditional Indian Hindu naming ceremonies,
the priest and the parents along with the newborn were seated on the floor to perform
the crucial events.

4) The Beauty of Hindu Traditional Ceremonies

A selected bunch of pooja materials were sourced and arranged on the pooja spot as a
part of the traditional rituals. The presence of these divine materials plays an
important role in completing the pooja with the blessings from God Almighty. From
freshly plucked flowers to brand new clothes, it is very essential to ensure the
presence of these materials for pooja. The stunning earthy colors of these materials
added freshness to our frames as well as the overall ambiance.

5) From ‘Baby Boy’ to ‘Rishi S Bhakthan’


During the naming ceremony, Sujith held his baby boy and gently whispered the
name ‘Rishi S Bhakthan’ to the baby’s ears. Thereafter, the baby’s name was officially
fixed as Rishi S Bhakthan as per the traditions of Bhakthan family. It was a pleasure
to witness the joy and laughter of the guests at the ceremony. The cradle ceremony
was initiated by placing a coconut on the cradle by the family as directed by the
This act was considered as a practice to handle the baby cautiously and carefully
while using a cradle. Followed by this, baby Rishi was placed on the cradle and then
taken off the cradle and again placed on the cradle after passing him through the
bottom of the crib with the best cradle ceremony decoration with flowers. The
women of the household chanted prayers while the ceremony was being performed.

6) Baby Rishi ‘A Gift from God’

Baby Rishi was showered by several gifts, cuddles and kisses from his family by the
end of the ceremony. Thereafter, the couple pulled the curtains off a decorated wall to
reveal their baby’s name once again to everyone who is present at the event. The event
was concluded by yet another heartwarming act of love where Sujith gave a gift to his

dear wife for gifting their little bundle joy to all of them. We felt truly overwhelmed
and mindblown by the love and care Bhakthan family has for each other.

These best newborn photos are crafted in our signature earthy palette which helps
the natural colors of the frame stand out. Rather than over-processing a photo by
compromising clarity and quality, we have focused on polishing the obtained output
in this in-home newborn photography. The naming ceremony photos taken at the
Bhakthan household have beautiful earthy tones with a healthy sheen. The skin tones
and greens in the palette are given utmost importance.

We hope that you enjoyed our virtual walkthrough of baby Rishi's naming and cradle
ceremony held at the Bhalkthan household. The lovely Bhakthan family welcomed us
with so much love and hospitality. We absolutely loved documenting their life stories
and we felt it as a great blessing. Our crew ensured one hundred percent comfort of
the baby and the family while doing each and every shoot. Capturing the real essence
of Indian traditions gives us so much satisfaction and happiness.


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