Haldi Photography Nagercoil India

Draped in yellow and red, embellished with jewellery, a smile on her lips and spark in her eyes, upholding the tradition, Velam is all set for her Haldi Photography Nagercoil.

Haldi , another Traditional exciting Pre-Wedding Ceremony. The Haldi Ceremony , said to remove any nervousness from the Groom , as well as , bless the Couple with Fortune and Prosperity also.  Haldi Ceremony , organised by the Family of the Bride. Velam looked Gorgeous in her Attire complementing Vibin’s  look for Haldi Ceremony. All the family members showered their Love and Blessings on Vibin and Velam. As a result the Turmeric paste ( Haldi ) , then applied on the Bride and the Groom’s Face , Neck , Hands and Feet , by their near and dear ones . The Ceremony also accompanied by Traditional Songs and Dances at times. Hence Full of several fun filled rituals and frothy moments. Therefore We had a wonderful experience . You two make a truly adorable couple , always Loving each other. Hence all the very best…

Haldi of Velam And Vibin

Haldi of Velam And Vibin5

Haldi of Velam And Vibin6

Haldi of Velam And Vibin1

Haldi of Velam And Vibin1

Haldi of Velam And Vibin8

Haldi of Velam And Vibin9

Haldi of Velam And Vibin10

Bride              : Velam
Location        : Nagercoil
Composition : Team Weva
Contact           : +91 9061040472
Mail               : mail@wevaphotography.com
FB                 : facebook.com/wevaphotography


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