Have you been crushing on the beautiful getting-ready photos of Chennai
weddings in ads and editorials? Would you like to have a quick 10-minute read on
how to ace the getting ready photos of Chennai weddings? Stay braced because we
have some exclusive content all prepped for our Chennai audience.

By discussing with the best wedding photographers of Chennai, we have curated a
list of ideas and poses to gracefully cover the getting ready part of Chennai wedding
documentation. We hope you have an amazing time flipping through our master
secrets to nailing your Chennai weddings! Hop on for a drool-worthy visual ride from
our Chennai wedding edition!

1) The Dress Moment

Posing with the d-day outfit is a mandatory click to cherish your wedding dress hunts.
Added to that, it is one of the most aesthetic getting- ready poses of 2022. Though
full-length outfit photos have been trending over the past few years, bridal portraits
like these are something that is still garden-fresh.


And, beautiful Christian bridal portraits of Chennai that focus on capturing the
getting-ready moments are nothing less than a dream. Interestingly, bridal portraits
like these do equally well with the traditional Hindu weddings as well as classic
Brahmin weddings with their silky Kanjeevaram attires and temple jewels.



Flatlay collages are not just the specialties of famous Chennai getting ready photos.
Certainly, the vibrant pooja essentials and outfit details of Chennai make the wedding
flatlays much more attention-driving. Pairing flatlay shots of the wedding outfit and a
bridal portrait are considered to be the hottest combination in getting-ready photo
trends. Other than just portraying both varieties of photos separately, collages like
these bring a brand new perspective.


For the flatlay clicks, one shall arrange the bridal or groom’s outfit, accessories and
some extra elements like flowers or perfume bottles. Clearly, the motive is to paint
colorful never-seen-before clicks in the getting-ready photo section of Chennai

3) The Glam Squad

Something truly heartwarming about our Chennai bridal glam photos is their
heartwarming cultural vibes. Evidently, capturing the bride’s and groom’s vanity
moments with the glam squad is one of our favorite parts of documenting weddings.
Pure candids and semi candids work beautifully in vanity hour clicks.

amazing candids of brides getting ready

To point out, chitchats with the makeup team and giggles with the saree drapist are
moments that are beyond the power of explanation. For traditional Tamil Hindu
brides, the vanity squad consists of a bunch of extra artists like traditional saree
draping artists, hair styling artists etc. It is a real treat for our cameras to soak in the
amazing candids of brides getting ready with these specialists for their big fat
Chennai wedding!

4) Grooming Up

Capturing the getting-ready moments of grooms is something that still needs a lot
more attention in the overll wedding documentation. Just like the big bridal outfit
reveals and makeup transitions, the grooms personal vanity moments also need extra
love and attention. When it comes to traditional Tamil Hindu grooms of Chennai, the
getting-ready portraits can turn out to be so much fun with the interesting outfit

The authentic wedding attire for Tamil Hindu grooms is often prepped by the lovely
cousins and friends of the groom. Let it be the fun family session at the vanity or the
pranks and games planned during the getting-ready hours, documenting Chennai
groom’s vanity hours is nothing but real fun!

5) The Naath Click

A cute click of the bride adjusting her nose-ring or Naath is never getting old anytime
soon. Though the posing idea seems quite a cliche, the various possibilities of angles
and improvisations you can try in this pose are endless! Clearly, candids rule the
instances like these.

But, a lovely semi-candid click can also do the trick if directed carefully. Imagine a
true vanity glimpse where you catch the bride wearing her festive nose-ring for the
day. Or just imagine recreating the scene next to the makeup artist on duty. Exploring
interesting angles helps these frames to get extra aesthetic.

6) Almost Ready!

Have you been dreaming about that ‘almost ready’ bridal portrait of yours!? A fully
dolled-up bride just keeping a check of her Jhumkas or Maang Tikka can create the
cutest getting ready photos in Chennai weddings. Here, we are discussing the best
Chennai bridal portraits where the bride is all ready for the photographer to try
some cozy semi-candids.

In this semi-candid version, one shall try easy and hassle-free poses like evening out
the saree drapes or adjusting a choker. Above all, the comfort of the bridal or the
groom requires complete attention as they are still getting used to the vivid details of
their wedding attires.

7) Final Checks

Just like the ‘almost ready’ bridal/groom clicks we have discussed above, this section
explains the wide variety of planned candids and aesthetic editorial poses. And, the
bride or groom shall try these poses in the vanity car or with the glam squad, before
stepping out for the full-swing single portrait sessions.

The photographer shall proceed to click snippets of the final checks from the
wardrobe and styling team provided the team approves. To highlight, these candids
and raw clicks shall contribute to some amazing pre-wedding moments shared with
loved ones and the professional team.

8) Reflections

The hype of mirror candids still remains valid with their incomparable beauty and
rawness. Exploring the tips to master mirror candids can be a good kickstart to
‘getting-ready photo inspirations for Chennai weddings’. Clearly, there are a
handful of ways these categories of clicks can be executed.

From live make-up session snapshots to planned portrait poses, mirror clicks shall
remain immortal for the longest time with their elegance. When it comes to Chennai
weddings, we have lots of outfit and bridal outlook details to focus on. Let it be the
lavish hair arrangement in Tamil Hindu weddings or the dreamy long veils of
Christian brides, the process can be truly exciting!
We hope you had a great time flipping through the awesome getting-ready photo
ideas for Chennai weddings.

We have made sure to cover the highlights of both Christian weddings of Western
aesthetic and traditional Tamil Hindu weddings. Clearly, documenting the session
at the vanity is equally important as single portrait sessions and portraits with
the partner. Rather than minimizing the getting ready documentation to a few glimpses
from the make-up hours, the wedding photographers shall explore the possibilities
for capturing some greatest candids of all.


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