Post Wedding Photography at Fort Kochi

A post wedding photography can cheer you up with a perfect kick-start to your amazing married life! Immerse yourself in the pleasant pastel frames of Francis and Rosemary‘s post wedding photography. As you may have noticed, the overall colour palette of the shoot personifies a moody feel to the photos. We have made a good effort to compliment the contemporary, subtle outfits of the couple with the beautiful pastel backdrops. There are candids as well as planned poses for versatility and freshness. We have tried to avoid the mundane, everyday post-wedding trends and instead, experimented with brand new ideas, especially in editing and colour grading. As we skim through Francis and Rosemary’s fabulous pastel-inspired shoot, our eyes would never hurt due to vibrant and heavy colour contrast even when multiple soft colours are being framed. We have tried to capture the majority of the photos in catchy streetscapes. So that, it gives us a chance to explore over options of lighting and backdrops.

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