A Classic Engagement Ceremony

Sajin and Sradha celebrated their classic engagement day quite eventfully with the love and blessings of dear and near family members. It’s quite heartwarming to see how engaging and deeply joyful their family members are while relinquishing a glorious frame of care and support for Sajin and Sradha on their big day. Sradha is one of the chief designers of Jean Couture a remarkable fashion boutique which has a phenomenal number of followers in social media platforms including Instagram. Throughout the blissful journey of recording with Sajin and Sradha, two best friends getting engaged, it was a pleasure to coordinate and take part in the immense joy of tears and laughter. The couple dolled up like a dream jodi with a fusion of wine red, maroon and royal black colour combinations on their classic engagement day. The footages of the holy ceremony are collaged gracefully with the other significant highlights of the day to capture the feel and rhythm of emotions while witnessing the beginning of a new life journey by Sajin and Sradha.


Couple: Sajin & Sradha 

Composition: Team Weva

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