Cheers to New Beginnings – The Flawless Engagement Highlights of Varun & Rose

Have you ever felt the pulsating power of true love while blessing a freshly engaged couple? Have you ever experienced the momentum of magic it creates within you? We felt out of the world, having experienced all these inexplicable feels while documenting the precious engagement ceremony of Varun & Rose. Held at the marvelous indoors of Chakolas Pavilion, this engagement bash was truly dreamy and unforgettable in every means! Rose was donned in a gorgeous handwoven saree attire from Raw Mango.

The brilliance of Anez Anzare’s makeup artistry added extra glow to her engagement attire. The unique handcrafted jewels from Sangeetha Jewellery turned out to be a perfect match for the vibrant palette of her overall attire. And, Varun’s classic outfit from Ethics by Matin Mac left us speechless with its elegance and royalty. The couple complimented each other in their chromatically diverse yet ethnically co-ordinated outfits for their big day! The pink-toned event decor with lotus buds, planned and executed by Rosael Events transformed us to another world with its boundless charm and beaut. The positive energy and lovely personas of our couple helped us curate some amazing portraits.

Rose’s shining bright eyes and Varun’s heartwarming smile blessed our cameras with a set a super-cute couple portraits. For Rose’s single portraits, we have opted for our signature bridal poses with an editorial touch. Our portraits in this series are sculpted with gentle gestures and simple postures, that is uber comfortable and easy to achieve for even camera shy couples. Comforting warm tones that do not disturb our eyes are used for finishing each and every photo. We solely focused on ensuring a relaxing and pleasant visual experience with accuracy and precision while working on the heartwarming warm tones.
MUA : @anez_anzare
Saree : @raw_mango
Jewellery : @sangeetha916gold
WedPlanner : @rosael_events
Venue : @chakolas_pavilion


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