September 3, 2019

Couple Photography Rainforest Athirapally

Romantic Monsoon Photography Of Edwin And Marylin

Couple Photography Rainforest Athirapally- You with me and me with you,
bonded together in
monsoon shower!.
In this romantic soothing breeze,
I wish the fragrance of our love
and beauty stays forever.

Have a glimpse at the wonderful romantic snaps from the heart of Athirapally. It was a nice day. The couple continued to stay excited about the photo shoot. The venue Rainforest, Athirapally is great for its dynamicity and greenery. It’s an excellent place with a beautiful view of the waterfalls. The awe-inspiring waterfalls made the perfect backdrop for the shoot.  All of us had a great time and we are very thankful to Edwin and Marylin for that dreamy and romantic feel in the entire shoot.  Hence we wish you a happy married life Edwin and Marylin.

Couple           :  Edwin And Marylin
Location        : Rainforest, Athirapally
Composition : Team Weva
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