Irresistibly cute and
aesthetic post-wedding shoot
of Isha & Jacob

Kerala Christian weddings are solemnized with a serene church ceremony to win the blessings of near and dear ones on behalf of God Almighty. The grace and elegance of the Christian style fascinate us with the outstanding charm of peaceful colors and mouth-watering after-party cuisines. Were you in a rustle during your own much-awaited wedding day? Well, Isha and Jacob were! They were quite in a hurry burry during their tight ceremonial moments. Hence this sweet couple decided to etch the memory of their cherishable wedding day by having a short and simple post-wedding couple photoshoot at Grand Hyatt Kochi.

Grand Hyatt is a premium luxury five-star hotel in Bolgatty, Kochi with lush green landscaping incorporating pools and seatings. For Isha and Jacob’s shoot, team Weva chose a misty, moody frame with a luxuriant vibe. In the aesthetic backdrop of freshly grown ‘Bird of Paradise’ plants and pleasant lighting, Isha and Jacob lived their romantic brand new life effortlessly before the camera. Isha was dolled up in an off white special party wear consisting of a full sleeve top and skirt, embroidered with precious little white beads and sequences. Her heartwarming look of the day was spiced up with diamond jewelry and floral hair decorations. Jacob appeared all in all fresh and gentle with polished black suit put together in gaudy buttons and brown leather shoes.

The couple posed flawlessly and team Weva imbibed the fruitful moments with professional sophistication and excellence. Capturing those gorgeous couple portraits was an absolutely blissful experience. Isha and Jacob marked an opulent significance in the history of Weva, relevant enough to reminisce. The experience of capturing their shiny post-wedding shoot was extremely successful with a touch of soft tones. Embarked in the high-end level of artistry, team Weva never fails to radiate a clear brilliance in the highly anticipated outcome of photos.

Couple : Michael & Tessa
Composition : Team Weva
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