Monica Lal Engagement Film

Monica Allan’s Engagement Film – Celebrations gives us happiness, it will be enchanting if it is a bunch of our loving stars….presenting one such engagement celebration of Lal’s daughter Monica Lal with Allan Antony…

Monica, The Queen Of Lal Family got engaged at Crowne Plaza, Kochi…It was one of the most luxurious Engagement Ceremony with the bunch of our loving stars.. So much energy and fun every where.. It’s like a fair of stars. Her bridal lehenga was fabricated by Sabasachi , one of the famous Indian Fashion designer whose creation is an epitome of loyalty.. Monica’s Lehenga is one of his latest creativity. Light cream lehenga rich in fabrics and embroidery has such an elegance and sophistication. His design perfectly matches for the occasion. Henna is decorated on her hands, rose flowers hanging every where.. Unique creative and colorful decorations provides greater ambience to the occasion. The venue was very spacious and the creative hands from Touch Esthetics Kochi made the location grand in appearance,Rose Flowers everywhere…crystal glass pillars.candle holders,hanging lights,cakes,candies seen everywhere… The stage was decorated,Bright colorful and very noticeable…It seems that they eagerly waited for this auspicious day to celebrate and blast..Weva proudly presents the engagement Film of Monica and Allan which was so enthralling. We were lucky to be part of one such delightful union, which was even more enchanting with performances..

Couple           : Monica And Allan
Location        : Crowne Plaza, Kochi
Composition : Team Weva
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