Wedding Film Of Asha And Michiel

Destination weddings are truly breathtaking. Crazy friends, beautifully decorated mandap, and your loved ones all around, blessing you as you take the vows and tie the knot! Can you dream anything more amazing? -A Classic Traditional Meets Mughal Theme Wedding Film

Well, destination weddings all about this and more, and Asha & Michiel’s wedding definitely more. They had loads of fun, non-stop celebrations. Asha was born in Kochi and grew up in Kolkata and Bangalore while Groom Michiel is of Netherland origin. They met in Rotterdam, Netherlands while pursuing their doctorates.They currently reside in Heidelberg Germany. From a stunning Kolkata wedding to a Traditional kerala wedding, each of the functions were unique.

They wanted to create a unique Traditional Wedding experience hence they chose Sarovaram, Kochi Kerala as backdrop. The wedding celebrations started from 26th of April to 6th of May. They had a Bollywood themed Sangeet day, as the name implies both bride and groom sung and danced together , followed by Haldi with the theme being yellow. The Haldi followed by a gorgeous Mehendi in shades of yellow. Michiel and Asha went on to wear a gorgeously beautiful traditional wear for their Kerala Wedding also.

It was truly an elegant celebration. In addition it was all about the love they shared with each other.  We are indeed grateful for their support and they also have given us such beautiful moments to look back on in the future!!! Hence Congratulations Michiel and Asha.

Couple           : Michiel and Asha
Location        : Kolkata, Kerala
Composition : Team Weva
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