Two hearts are meeting silently in the middle of an embrace. – Wedding Film Of Arjun Nandilath And Ashvika
The string of love have tangled us.
The Earth, sun, moon, stars….
Approves this beautiful moment.
The sun rays adorns the garlands,
The earth looks like a ravishing canopy!!!
The stars are like diamonds.
The moon has a luminous smile.
You are the girl of my dreams!!
Let’s make a vow, right here and now
Today we celebrate a bright new life,
God has given us until end of time.
I will hold your hand with all my heart.
Til’ the day life is through…
From this moment our life begins.
The magic is happening……

The confluent culture and traditional wedding of Ashvika and Arjun, the glittering star of Nandhilath Group held at Thrissur. The couple had a traditional wedding ceremony at Guruvayur and also hosted a grand celebration at ITC Grand Chola Chennai and Adlux Convention Centre, Thrissur where Ashvika  stepped out with gorgeous diamond jewellery and glittering outfit. Their wedding was amongst the most luxurious event Thrissur has witnessed. Carnival like atmosphere shines and glitter with a crystal and modern theme throughout especially relevant. Finally their beautiful day wonderfully planned and executed by Oscar Event Management. In addition their wedding featured deep emotions, precious moments, love, laughter and sparkling guests list of high profile and high society folks.. Hence Congratulations Ashvika and Arjun.

Couple            : Arjun Nandilath And Ashvika
Location         : Guruvayur, Adlux Convention Centre, Thrissur
Composition  : Team Weva
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