Udupi Wedding Film Of Siddharth And Nidhi

Udupi Wedding Film – Udupi, the land of Lord Parasurama well known for its temples and beaches witnessed  the traditional Wedding of Siddharth and Nidhi at Muthur Mane, Anjal Grama.

Muthur Mane is an old An old Ancestral house overlooking the Paddy fields, Coconut and  also Plantations with a backdrop of tall trees. Every traditions followed here has its own story and meaning..

Day 1 : 25th November , Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony also known as ‘ Madarangi Ceremony’  takes place the day before the Wedding and  was held at Kaui beach, Udupi..

A serene shoreline with breathtaking perspectives, delightful picturesque location especially for Photographers.

It’s an awesome place to enjoy the nightfall..An amazing eve made up of food, dance and music.. full of fun, vibrant ceremonies, enthusiastic dancing rich in live performances also…

Therefore the few highlights of this wedding is Groom welcoming procession, Bridal jewellery, Henna designs, Traditions, Pandit, Bridal hair style especially the jasmine from top to bottom. The Bridal Make Up done by Edna , Udupi…And also the Overall Event Management done by OC Productions.

Therefore an intimate and memorable union of 2 hearts, full of energy and joyful moments… Hence Congratulations Siddharth and Nidhi..

Couple            : Siddharth And Nidhi
Location         : Udupi, Karnataka
Composition  : Team Weva
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