Birthday Celebration Film

Little Miss Hazel’s ‘ONE’derful Day

Celebrating a baby’s First Birthday has far more meaning than just a birthday. The big day has finally arrived its little Miss Hazel’s ‘ONE’ derful day. The house was filled to the brim with an outpouring of Birthday love for ‘ Little Hazel’. From the entrance, hanging flowers, balloons, vintage look, year board, teddy bears, beautifully arranged candies, everything was perfect and just loved all the details that made the Celebration extra special. What really made this video great isn’t the decorations and fun its the tender moments Hazel shares with her family that really warmed our heart. Such as when Hazel was getting into her party dress, laughing happily without a fuss. Hazel has the sweetest smile and was brimming with excitement at her party. Everything looked perfect for a sweet little one’s first birthday.
We had the pleasure of filming an event that was very special and has pulled on our heart strings. Hazel was so much fun to work with and kept on going all evening. ” Blessings from heaven above on you and your beautiful family.”
Take a sneak peek of this fun and loving family celebrating the Birthday of their Angel Hazel.
Event managed by Unicorn Wedding Planner