Wedding Film Of Nikki And David

The grand wedding of Nikki and David took place at Zuri Resorts, Kumarakom. A typical Gujarati Wedding ceremony, consists of all the Hindu elements such as Kanyaagamana, Gathbandhan, Varmala, Mangalsutra, Sindhur to the Vidai especially relevant – Destination Wedding Film Zuri Resorts.

Their marriage ceremony, also known for colourful grab, wonderful dance and grand ambience. Vivid and lively individuals. They love to have a good time all their gala’s and ceremonies with fine pomp and show. Nikki fabulous in her traditional Red Lehenga. It had embroidery and stones from top to bottom. Groom David, completely radiant in his traditional Sherwani enters the venue carrying coconut, welcomed by mother in law .

Coconut is the symbol of purity. Groom, crushes the mud lamp in the sense he can overcome any obstacles in his life. Then the Groom’s scarf is tied on the bride’s shawl symbolises their eternal bond. It’s a promise of love and commitment also.

Followed by varmala, a cord tired around the couple’s necks to protect them from evil.  Finally after tying Mangalsutra and Sindhoor they circle the sacred fire and groom helps the bride in touching the seven betel nuts with her right toe signifies that the groom asks for the support from his bride throughout his life.

Followed by exchange of gifts and other auspicious item. In addition , their reception, an epitome of elegance filled with dance, music , fun and lots of love.  Therefore , Weva wishes the cute couple with lots of love, adventure and happiness. Hence Congratulations Nikki And David.

Couple           : Nikki And David
Location        : Zuri Resorts, Kumarakom
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