Wedding Ceremony Of Sona And Renoy – Christian Wedding Contour Resorts

Love is divine , love is gentle it doesn’t grudge , it is not oppresive , it is not selfish , it keeps no record of wrongs , it is gracious and does not happy in sharp but rather celebrates with reality. It always develop and always maintain.- Christian Wedding Contour Resorts.

Love between Sona and Renoy is pure. Their connection relates the beams of sun, they light up the most in their formed bond .

The bright Sona and Renoy got married at Contour Resorts , Alleppey Kerala. Contour Resorts, the perfect place for their wedding. The most warm , dreamy and close place moreover. The styling of the day was fresh and pleasant .

A super Christian Wedding , top relatives , up-to-date bridesmaids, amazing florid arrangement. Sona , beautiful Bride wonderful in white trim fish cut wedding outfit while Renoy looked cute in his sharp suit and bow. Likewise the Bridesmaid were becoming cute in Pink costume and carried a bundle of white blossoms .

The wedding was an unique Christian function with their unique status, making for a day filled with faith, laughter and love. An amazing night that followed the importance of marriage , values , love and duty  , warm and bright festival that contained the union of 2 families.

A day filled with feelings, friends, families, celebrations and dance. Amazing gathering with gold and cream tones, white hanging,  super cake and the  tables are  suitable. You are so desreving this amazing minute and a lifetime of joy to take after.

May love guide your lives until the end of time. May your bond keep the fire in the light of life glowing. Hence, Weva wishes the amazing couple with all joys on the planet. Thus Congratulations Sona And Renoy.

Couple             : Sona And Renoy
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