Wedding Film Of Arjun And Lily

The wedding of Arjun and Lily is a grand occasion with amazing formalities. Arjun from South Of India and Lily from China – An Indo Chinese Wedding Film.

Mehendi , a confidential affair which took place within the presence of buddies, relatives and also loved ones. At the ceremony, in addition to lily all of the relatives flock around the Mehendi artist to get their arms adorned. The colour, song, Mehendi, dancing and a entire lot of love imperative. The elements of pleasure, joke additionally brought into it, to make this exciting function quite moderate and delightful.

Their Sangeet Night, exceptionally amazing. Lily wore a beautiful vivid yellow Choli and Arjun easy and handsome in Black Sherwani. The function spiced up with different forms of dance.  It also consists of a wonderful romantic dance performed by the couple. Desi beats on the night, full of an enjoyable night party, a  beautiful eve that truly reflected the meaning of Wedding, Affection and engagement.

Lily stunning in her alien-gown to extremely sweet and cute. Their Wedding ceremony begins with simple Chinese style where lily wore a lovely gown and Arjun completely regal in his suit. On the day of the Wedding, Arjun sets out to the lili’s home, and he got blocked at her door by her friends and her friends played door game with Arjun and his friends. The significance of door ceremony is lily is a lovely girl and her   family members and friends don’t want to marry her away.

The complete process was joyous and excellent-natured. It’s a respectable ritual to introduce the couple to each other’s household and it’s a technique for couple to show admire and appreciation to their mothers and fathers.  After the door game they all proceeded for Tea ceremony. The couple kneel in front of their parents serving tea to both part of father and mother. Parents provide their words  of blessings and gifts to couple.

The Wedding ceremony ends with a feast and later adopted Hindu Wedding where Arjun wore traditional Sherwani while Lily dressed in traditional white silk saree with matching jewellery. Her hairstyle, makeup…etc makes her absolutely gorgeous. Arjun reached the venue through Baraat, welcomed by mother in law followed by his friends and relatives. Lily enters the venue accompanied with her parents.

There starts the beginning of Hindu Wedding rituals such as Mangalsutra and exchange of Wedding rings. The wedding ceremony ends with a grand party which elements elaborate Chinese foods. Arjun and Lily had the cutest smile and it was great to see Arjun and Lily enjoying their special days with their near and dear ones. Therefore it’s a blessing to be part of their marriage and social gathering. Hence wishing you both a blissful existence.

Couple           : Arjun And Lily
Location        : Vasundhara Sarovar Resorts
Composition : Team Weva
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