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Monica Lal Engagement Photography

Monica Lal Engagement Photography Engagement Photography Monica Lal - Monica, The Queen Of Lal Family got engaged at Crowne Plaza, Kochi...It was one of the most luxurious Engagement Ceremony with the bunch of our loving stars.. So much energy and fun every where.. It's like a fair of stars. Her bridal lehenga was fabricated by Sabasachi , one of the famous Indian Fa[...]

Engagement Photography At Banglaore

Engagement Photoshoot Of Clieve And Steffi Love is something precise and pure, something that you just to find in that one distinctive person. Clive's and Steffi's stylish engagement in Bangalore was joyous. We loved how the place was made beautifully, how the outdoor were used to create a larger-than-life set. They walked into Love deciding upon to take every step a[...]